1996 Hajj

Hajj – Day 03

someone was disturbing my dreams. it was maa. she told us to get up. i was, by the way, dreaming of me and fowad going on a two year world tour. well, i got up, had breakfast, and then sat. sat ? yes, sat with a novel. i read the remaining stories of “The Hound of Death”. i have, however, not till now read the story, “The Hound of Death” but have read all the others.

we played cricket again today. naseem uncle took my bowling over and delivered six balls. they were all very fast. anyway, at 6:42 i came out of the bathroom in my Ihram, which is two white unthreaded sheets worn on the body. one serves as a pant while the other as a shirt. we then went to masjid-e-ayesha to make our Ihram legal. prayed and then monsieur thrawn had to go to the bathroom. we waited for half an hour near the door but the guy inside was either dead or taking a long bath. all the other bathrooms were occupied with two men standing outside waiting for their turn. at least skid came and we went back to the car. maa, driver, and the other auntis were waiting for us for atleast half an hour. the stupid thing is that thrawn didn’t go to the bathroom and just started walking back to the Dodge Van when skid scolded him.

we then headed home and stopped at a supermarket at 9 pm. i had looked at the time. to enter the grounds of the mansion the car had to climb a ramp which was inclined at an angle of 30 or 35 degrees. as i was sitting in the farthest corner of the car, i really had a scare. it made me remember the takeoff in Delta Airlines in USA when we were going from NY to Chicago. we were at the back of the plane and it was scary.

well, we have to go to Mina now and have to spend the night there. right now it is 9:45 and i don’t know when we will go. so dear diary, i will write when we get there.

10:30 : change of plans. shahana aani came and suggested two options. whether to spend three nights without sleeping or spend two nights. obviously, we choose the second one. then slept and decided to wake up at 7:00 am to go to Mina. thus, bye for now.


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