english teacher mr. bilal

sheraz is a very weak and emotional as well as nervous person. i mean, when sir bilal slapped him he came back, sat on his seat, and cried his heart out in front of the entire class. like shit man! what was there to cry about ? kamran didn’t come to school today so he missed all the fun. sarsoh was talking with sheraz when bilal, who was already in a bad moon, called sheraz and asked him where they were reading. sheraz didn’t know and he told him so. so the teacher slapped him. i was sitting with sher on the seat behind him. he and all of the class is now really really angry with bilal. sheraz is just a kid. bilal forced out all his temper on him. moreover he slapped a senior student. that’s bad. this happened in the 4th period. he was shaking like a helly after he was slapped.

sir raees alvi was absent today so the last 3 periods of Bio were free. we called sher out of his Maths class by sending aleem. then sher, talha, and aamir mubashir got in a real bad mess due to khaldi. he took them to the principal i.e criminal manzoor ahmed and lied on front of him. the principal told him to suspend them from school but SPE intervened and now a trophy of sher will be confiscated.

came hom. the packing is on full swing. it feels really weird that tomorrow will be my last day in this school. i am also selling 10 novels tomorrow. they are

saad mukhtar : Insomnia, Death In The Air
saad muneed : War Of The Worlds
rahat : Wind In The Sage, The Regatta Mystery
irfan : Tale Of Two Cities, Hardy Boys: Clue Of The Broken Blade, The Black Arrow
farukh : Hardy Boys:Road Pirates
shahid : 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

went on Isha prayer. met asad, sheraz, arslan ahmed, talha, sher, and kamran. wandered around for a long time. went to Stereo Shadi and Waseem Optics. came back. packed some stuff. didn’t sleep all night. kept writing etc. well, bye now.

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