03:52 am
why cant i goto sleep ? i need sleep.. everyone needs sleep.. and yet i cannot force myself to goto sleep… i just lie there starring at the ceiling.. and then come back on the pc after a while.. i know i need sleep.. i shud get 7 or 8 hours of sleep everyda.. and yet it never works out like that.. and then on weekends i sleep for 12 hours or more. and thats refreshing :o))

i bought some earphones the other day. theyre called “earhuggers” heres a pic of what they look like :

i dont think i’m gonna be updating this page later today. cuz i have to start coding that 106 java assignment.. and thats gonna take a long long time. and i dont want to stay up all night on tuesday doing that.. oh i also have work tuesday. yay it cant get any more hectic than that can it ? well.. off i go now.. hopefully will fall asleep soon. bye

10:56 am
hehe.. am editing this page using Microsfot Visual J++. these machines in Herzberg Physics Computer labs dont seem to have Frontpage installed on them.. but Visual J++ seems fine too.. it might change the meta tags of this page… but who cares about those.. oh.. my jacket is too warm.. and too thick.. i was like sweating when i came here in the lab.. haha poor guy beside me must be smelling nice smells… wait thats disgracing myself… heh nope i aint smelling =P ok just found the first annoying thing about this program.. i changed the font of only the smily face but when i started writing the next word which was “ok”, it was writing it in red bold fonts.. sux

i had algebra right now and then went to get a hot chocolate.. had an encounter with hyundai.. hehe i call him that.. its this guy in Carleton who doesnt know who i am by face but he wants to met me for some reason… weird ppl in this world these days.. his reason for it is god knows what.. funny thing is, i know who he is.. but he aint 100% sure.. i let him think that i was someone else for like a month or so… and then finally when it was just too too hillarious i told him i aint that guy you think i am. hahah.. the response was : ” kewl ” [lol] and now today as i was walking towards the place to buy hot chocolate he was was sitting on some bench working.. and then looked up and started to look back down but then looked back up.. hehehe.. i, on the other, hand just kept walking as if everything was normal and that i dont know anyone in my field of vision… but surely i’m gonna get an icq msg today saying “were you near the library at this hour ?” i dont think i’ll give him a staright yes/no [its too funny to stop this madness by giving him a definite answer] but as alidhooh once said i think i will “lie without lying” which is a pretty bad habit by the way… its decieving the other person

by the way, alidhooh woke me up today… he got off work at 6 something and then took the bus here and reached my house by 7 am.. and then woke me up.. i remember him messing around with my Multimedia Cds and i think he borrowed Sixth Sense and Frontpage 98… dont entirely remember what cds it were.. and then after a couple o minutes.. after picking up his bag, he left.. and i went back to sleep for 45 minutes… yep i eventually slept last nite..have calculus class in 15 minutes or so…. lalalalal ok this is enough.. later

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