the art of channel-flipping

soccer was really fun. all the merivale ppl were there.. met all of ’em and then played and we were losing 1 – 0 right till the end.. but then shooker passed the ball to one of my team-mates by mistake.. u know how it happens.. everyone’s playing and the other person would start saying “here here” and u just pass the ball to him thinking hes in your team.. but hes from the opposite team instead.. and was just tricking you.. everyone falls for that. remember robin and ishmael ? they were wearing the exact same clothes.. black jean and white t-shirt… one was in my team, the other in the other team.. and i passed to the wrong one a couple of times hehe. ya.. so we got the pass, and then goall !!! and so its tied at one-one.. and then managed to score yet another goal… yay.. but by then most of the players had left and so it doesnt really count as a winning goal.. but its fun nonetheless… oh stupidly.. i just went to play without eating anything.. like when u came online, i had woken around then.. and then just took a bath and then left to play.. drank a coke on the way thinking that i wont be hugnry cuz i ate a _lot_ the nite before.. but i was soo hungry.. and got a headache too.. stupid stupid mistake.

this teacher in merivale.. he caught me in the basement near the computer labs and said ‘ youre not from this school ‘ and i wasnt.. and its illegal to enter the school like that.. i just went in to get a drink of water.. so he told me to leave rite away cuz i was trespassing and if he sees me again he’ll take me to the main office and then they will ” deal with me “. hehe..

i came home.. ate and then read a novel.. went on the pc.. played.. and then at 7 started watching a hockey match between Phillidelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins.. normally a hockey match has 3 periods.. each 20 minutes long. since these are the quarter finals.. if no one wins, then they go into overtime.. those are 20 minutes too.. only thing is, whoever scores first in the over time wins the game.. the penguins scored first and then the flyers scored in the 2nd period.. and then match went into overtime.. no one scored.. another overtime.. no score.. another one.. no result.. and then another.. still no score.. and then in the fifth overtime, the flyers scored and won the game.. so i got up at 2:30 in the morning….. hehehe.. 7.5 hours long… it was the third longest game in the history of ice-hockey.. the top two were in 1933, and 1936. it was a really good match tho.. i enjoyed it..

digital tv sux.. when u flip channels, it take two long seconds for the screen to appear. ugh !!!

today was garbage day.. here are some numbers :

05 – Coke 2L
04 – Diet Coke 2L
03 – Coke 650 mL
23 – Coke 355 mL [can]
18 – Diet Coke 355 mL [can]
01 – Pepsi 355 mL [can]

those are the number of bottles / cans i had to fit in the recycle box when putting the garbage outside for collection by the umm garbage people [municipality something or another]

friday… woke up at 330 pm. laundry day for me today. had to use AMEX again.. cuz i forgot the debit card @home. NCS says they’ll get back to me about my job there. i called and asked if they wanted me to come on Saturday. oh and my ex-employer had a baby girl last week :o)

the ILOVEYOU virus [well technically its a worm] has caused $1 billion in damages [heard that on cnn] sheesh.. originated from phillipines.. spread all over the world.. and infected only MS Outlook Express. haha.. funny.. people dont learn do they ? Melissa virus was an email attachment too.. and everyone just opened it.. and now this was an email attachment too.. and people still opened it. losers.