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Screamers @ Niagara Falls

the phone rang at 3 am. i woke up, grabbed the cellphone and heard shekhar tell me that he will be arriving with taemoor in about 10 minutes. ok. i made sure the guest bedroom had two of everything; pillows, … Continue reading

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Canadian Bonds

I bought Canada Savings and Canada Premium bonds thinking that they would be similar to the bank bonds in Panic Room which is my all-time-favourite movie. I’ve watched the movie about 8 or 9 times now with different people. Instead, … Continue reading

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iPod Shuffle

Introducing the ipod shuffle. Amazingly small with 512 MB of mp3 goodness. Shuffle it up… or play sequentially. Charge on dock… or though a USB port. Place in pocket… or hang around your neck. Protect in a case… or let … Continue reading

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