iftar at kamran’s house

party at kamran’s house. enjoyed very much. played on the computer. he has a Pentium 133 Mhz, 1.2 GB HDD, 6X CDROM (Creative), 16-bit Creative Sould Card, SVGA Graphics, 8 MB RAM, 3.5 inch drive computer.

the bedroom set went today. i.e, it is sold now and is no longer in our home. slowly slowly we’re getting ready to move permanently to Canada.


english teacher mr. bilal

sheraz is a very weak and emotional as well as nervous person. i mean, when sir bilal slapped him he came back, sat on his seat, and cried his heart out in front of the entire class. like shit man! what was there to cry about ? kamran didn’t come to school today so he missed all the fun. sarsoh was talking with sheraz when bilal, who was already in a bad moon, called sheraz and asked him where they were reading. sheraz didn’t know and he told him so. so the teacher slapped him. i was sitting with sher on the seat behind him. he and all of the class is now really really angry with bilal. sheraz is just a kid. bilal forced out all his temper on him. moreover he slapped a senior student. that’s bad. this happened in the 4th period. he was shaking like a helly after he was slapped.

sir raees alvi was absent today so the last 3 periods of Bio were free. we called sher out of his Maths class by sending aleem. then sher, talha, and aamir mubashir got in a real bad mess due to khaldi. he took them to the principal i.e criminal manzoor ahmed and lied on front of him. the principal told him to suspend them from school but SPE intervened and now a trophy of sher will be confiscated.

came hom. the packing is on full swing. it feels really weird that tomorrow will be my last day in this school. i am also selling 10 novels tomorrow. they are

saad mukhtar : Insomnia, Death In The Air
saad muneed : War Of The Worlds
rahat : Wind In The Sage, The Regatta Mystery
irfan : Tale Of Two Cities, Hardy Boys: Clue Of The Broken Blade, The Black Arrow
farukh : Hardy Boys:Road Pirates
shahid : 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

went on Isha prayer. met asad, sheraz, arslan ahmed, talha, sher, and kamran. wandered around for a long time. went to Stereo Shadi and Waseem Optics. came back. packed some stuff. didn’t sleep all night. kept writing etc. well, bye now.


last day in school

today was my last day in Pakistan Embassy School, Jeddah. i hadn’t slept all night yesterday. at 7 in the morning i went and took a long bath. then ironed by clothes, wore them, woke up mumma and left for school. my bag contained this diary, slam book, rough copy, and 11 novels. all of them were for sale. on the way to the school i felt so weird. my mind was saying, “sikander ! you won’t walk on these streets with your school bag on your shoulder going to school at 8 in the morning again.” this was the last time.

reached the school. sarsoh and aamir khan were there. i placed my bag as usual on the last seat. sheraz came. placed his bag next to mine. kamran came. placed his bag next to mine and sheraz. khurram and awal khan sat with sarosh and aamir. aleem gave me 30 stamps. the first period startd. sheraz moved over to the last table in B line. the first period was Sir Munir Qurieshi’s Chemistry. he returned the answer sheets of yesterday’s test. here are the marks of some students :

Chemistry Test Results
Sheraz 05 Sikander 3.5 Imran 5.5
Sherazam 1.5 Rahat 5.5 Saad Mukhtar 04
Muneeb 08 Sarosh 05 Shumail 7.5
Hassan 5.5 Zuhaib 4.5 Amir Khan 3.5
Mueen 06 Sohail 3.5 Aleem 3.5
Nabil 09 Imran N. 5.5 Talha 4.5
Shurjeel 7.5

the following students didn’t give the test : kamran akhter, kashif shah, fawad ifthikhar, khurram khan, asad ifthikhar, hesham ahmed, imran yousuf, fahad mushtaq, khurram sharrif, imran khan, mohd. ali tahir, yasir tasleem, tayyab, and sameer akram. Munir didn’t say much to anyone. told us how to perform the practical. it was the preparation of Potash Alum. today’s seating arrangement was :

Line A
imran nasir, nabil ahmed sh., talha, nehri, khalid alvi, hassan, najeeb, shurjeel, sameer, ahmed zafar, adnan, imran yousuf (II), aleem, fawad, najam
Line B
naveed ahsan, sharjeel munir, imran khan, shahid rizwan mian, khurram sharrif, yasir tamez, fahad mushtaq, hesham, sherazam, asad, kashif shah, sheraz
Line C
mohd. ali tahir, imran yousuf, rahat kheshgi, zuhaib qaisar, irfan, tayyab, saad mukhtar, jatoi, yasir tasleem, sarsoh, khurram khan, amir khan, kamran, sikander
Line D
omer, mueen, saad, muneeb, sohail iqbal, maqsood bhatti, tahir bashir, aamir mubashir, zeeshan, shumail, imran, noman

nothing happened in this period except that he disgraced me indirectly by saying that there are students sitting in this classroom who have plans not to give one paper or all of them. they are destroying their lives, etc etc.

then came Bio’s Raees Alvi. it was a good period. he dictated something about the Zones of Steady Water Habitats. i wrote it down for kamran while he fiddled with his pen. i searched sheraz’s bag for the last time today and in the process broke my nail. physics period came and jan-e-alam started the oral tests again. i kept standing because i didn’t give the reason to my answer and just said “yes.”

in english’s period i was chosen to be the one who would stand up after the attendance and ask sir bilal why he slapped sheraz yesterday. i couldn’t do it. i already knew it was my last day in school today .. how in the hell could i be serious for anything today ? anyway, sir bilal apologized himself. he said sorry to najeeb and sheraz. later when i and all the others made sheraz go and give the Eid card to sir bilal he went to the brink of crying. ok! the man is a decent guy and realized his mistake in hitting a senior student in front of everyone.

urdu’s sir came but we all kept talking. then came the practical’s period. all of us went to the laboratory and the practical started. nobody took it seriously. not even Munir. me and kamran went to the library. i decided not to steal any book. i could’ve by issuing one on my card and then not returning it before going to Canada. in the last period, before going to the library, i took some ash from underneath the surface of the wire guaze and spread it on fahad’s forehead in a straight line so that he looked like an indian.

then the whole group (mine) started it. when we came back a fight started. everyone was destroying each other’s shirts. me, sherazam, asad, zuhaib, sarosh, aleem, kamran, imran, khurram khan, etc etc. Munir didn’t say anything when he saw us in this condition with ash all over our shirts.

i sold about 6 novels today. when we were going downstairs Jano met us and looked at us unbelievingly. we hurried down the stairs and asad ifhtikhar hit a teacher. went to the back of the school where a fight was going on. sarosh and zuhaib’s drivers didn’t come so they came to my house at 1:30. zuhaib left at 3:30. sarosh left at 4:30.

went to meet kamran in the evening. changed shirts in the left. he has my cotton t-shirt and i have his grey zip t-shirt. kamran’s father invited us on thursday on an iftar party. and the day ended soon after i got home.