Dangerous minds

Puppa went back to KSA today. Yup, again. This time to send over our packed luggage and to repay Dr. Farooqui. Didn’t do much today. Went with Shaheen Uncle and Aunti to drop off Puppa. Some other people where there too. Skid is in Etobicoke. Faisal Bhai is moving out of Manotick to these apartments near Prince of Wales and Hogs Back.

ICQ => Maya, Jbear, Mopy, Jeanette, Vera, Scott, Matt Church. Bio Ecology Notes exchange. Personal response in ENGOA. HOD sucks. Shimmi=>Tori Amos.

Caught a light sneeze. Went to the mall for envelopes. Thrawn opened his own ICQ account. Talked with Alidooh for an hour or so. English test tomorrow on Wuthering Heights. Good ending btw. More Biology notes at night. Dangerous Minds (Michelle Pffeiffer), and Junoon are pretty good.