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School and nightschool

Been a long time. Day 3 in school. Western civilizations class and then watched the movie Valmont. Actually a re-make of the movie called Dangerous Liasons (John Malkovich, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pffeifer). Had a computer class with Shekhar and Mr. … Continue reading

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Writing in the dark

Have you ever written in the dark before ? It feels really weird. Right now I can just see my hands moving on a white sheet. I can barely see the dark shapes that I am making on the face … Continue reading

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saif and arup and mukul and others

Lately Saif has been very friendly. The reason ? Well, he think Shajiya’s out to ruin my life hahaha. Poor nut. Just because me and her call each other every now and then doesn’t mean that we’re desperately in love … Continue reading

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