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Writing in the dark

Have you ever written in the dark before ? It feels really weird. Right now I can just see my hands moving on a white sheet. I can barely see the dark shapes that I am making on the face of this page.

Anyway, paa came in the room at 1 AM and told me to go to sleep. I said sure. Turned off the computer and then went to bed. And now it is 2:16 AM and I still haven’t fallen asleep. So, I said, “what the heck, let’s start writing again”. And that’s what this is.

So, how was today ? Pretty good I should say. I woke up at around 2. Maa and Paa were worried that we haven’t been able to spend time together lately. They went to Montreal about 3 days ago and came back late at night. The next day they went to Toronto. They spent the night there. Came back and then immediately went to Shaheen family’s house. I have started to dislike them now for oh-so-many reasons.

Anyhow, I got up and Paa, Maa left to meet Mr. Shaheen again. Shekhar called and we decided to go watch a movie. Today was Saturday so the ticket was for $6.50. He arrived at 3:50 PM and I told him about my new record of staying online: 12 hours and 38 minutes.

We called Tanvir and asked him if he wanted to join and said sure. So, we left to go to Merivale Mall and bought OC Transpo bus tickets. 10 tickets for 7 dollars and 50 cents.

On to South Keys cinema via Bus #176. Bought the tickets and then popcorn. We watched There’s Something About Mary. It was hilarious. So damn funny. “We have a bleeder”, “Is that hair gel?” After that, we sneaked into Ever After: A Cinderella Story. Tanvir wanted to watch that and so did I. Drew Barrymore was awesome in the movie.

Got home around 10:30. Then I drove and took Shekhar to his house: 20 Drewberry Crescent.

Dinner was koftay (meatballs). Read a little bit of I, Asimov. Thrawn played Quake. Then I went on ICQ at 12:45. Paa told me to go to bed at 1. Now, I’m just lying here.

Listened to Re-United after a long time. Wow, its 2:26 AM now.

God, when am I going to sleep. Skid is visiting from Toronto on the 23rd. Together again after 2 years.

School will be starting soon as well.

Okay, later.

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