2007 Movies

the outdoors

sikander’s dad asked sikander to rent a car for him from friday to sunday because he had to go to Montreal. so we picked up the car for him and we then met dad near Loblaws at Bayview village to exchange the cars. we had the van while he had the rented car. hmmm, car on friday night!

i checked the movie schedule and we decided to watch RENO 911!: Miami. the trailer of the movie looked hilarious. since we had a car we wanted to go a theatre that we cannot go by subway. we decided to go the AMC interchange in north york area near highway 7. ten minutes after deciding to watch the movie, we were on the road.

on friday night there is no way the highway would not be busy. but we didn’t think of it when we left so we couldn’t get to the theatres in time. on the way we saw another theatre, Cineplex Odeon, and we decided to go there instead. we got a 6:30 pm ticket but there was only one other family in the theater. where’s the point to watch a hilarious movie in empty theatre?

we went to the customer service desk and told them that we want to catch the next show at 8 pm. she asked why and we said the theatre is empty. she said “so?” and we also replied “so?”. to break this stalemate she pushed a form towards me and asked me to fil out the reason for exchanging the ticket.

to pass the time we drove to Vaughan Mills Mall. it is rumoured to be the biggest shopping mall in Toronto. it really is huge and the interior decoration is amazing. hardwood floor and marble tiles and very nice lighting. we walked around from shop to shop and then saw a huge shop called Outdoor World. the entrance to the shop was two big bears holding the shop’s name. there was a huge aquarium inside this shop as well. they have really nice outdoor clothes for fishing, mountain climbing, camping, etc etc. and everything was “on sale” .. my favourite kind of shop. sikander insisted to buy me a black columbia winter vest. i really insisted not to get it.. but what can i do? right? ;) ;) actually there was a nice jacket for him too but it was only available in small and XXL sizes. thankfully is not XXL (yet).

Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World Outdoor World


an hour and a half didn’t seem enough for the mall. we had to hurry back for the movie and we got nice seats in an almost full theatre. the movie was good and enjoyable. actually a more enjoyable part came later after the movie. we were walking out after the movie and a guy approached us to ask if sikander can answer some questions for his research. he said that he is going to give us a free movie ticket. i volunteered right away as well: “Can I do that too?” “No sorry, this is only for men between 24 and 35”. hah, sexist and racist and every other -ist!

sikander answered the questions while i went to the washroom. he told me later that the questions were about the commercials before the movie started. we got one free movie pass that we can use until october 2007. nice.

on the way home we stopped at Galleria SM and bought some salmon sashimi… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i was craving for sashimi for so long. i didn’t think that i actually can get fresh sashimi in canada. this salmon sashimi was wonderful. it not only tastes nice but it is also very healthy and is wonderful for your skin.

after 2 pieces of salmon sikander couldn’t take it anymore and said thanks but no thanks. well, thank you! i can have all of it now.

Salmon Sashimi Salmon Sashimi

2006 Movies Ottawa

Die Hard Trilogy

as i mentioned earlier, last night dooh and i met at shekhar’s house in barrhaven. we watched Underworld:Evolution (mainly because of kate beckinsale in a black skin tight leather suit… and vampires.. everyone like vampires!.. and also because there was nothing else worth watching) at the new Barrhaven theatre (small theatre but close for all the people living in barhaven). the movie was a sequel to Underworld and i had forgotten most of the first movie so couldn’t really follow what was going on in this one. in any case, the vampire and werewolf fights were pretty fun to watch.

later we ordered pizza and went to the basement and started watching the Die Hard movies; Die Hard [1988], Die Hard 2 [1990], and Die Hard: With a vengeance [1995]. my personal favourite one is the second one. shekhar was really sleepy so we had to stop after watching the first two and decided to watch the third the next day… today. good times.

after finishing all three movies, we dropped dooh at home, and then i went to the bus station to take a Greyhound bus back home to mississauga. it was a fun weekend and hopefully i’ll get to repeat it again. there are so many excellent movies that neither shekhar nor dooh have seen. i have much work to do to get these two up to date.

Dooh Shekhar sikander

btw, here is dooh’s writeup about the weekend.

2005 Movies

lunar new year’s day movie

My boyfriend is Type-B“, quite a funny movie. what is your blood type? here is a test to check which type you are…

if you saw your wife having an afair with a stranger when you just came back home… you are standing outside the door and from the window you could guess what is happening inside by their shadow. what would you do?

  • you don’t know what to do holding the door nob
  • you kick the door open to kill the guy who was having an affair with your wife
  • you hide yourself and steal a look to enjoy the intimate scene
  • you just call a cop to report without any second of hesitating. (to help your understand, in korea you can report your spouse’s unfaithfulness to police)

so what is your choice? if you chose #1. you are helpless A type. you are bad at making decision but your heart is very sincere. if you chose #2, your blood type is O. you are very straight-foward and passionate (actually most prefered blood type). oh your choice is #3? you are AB. you are considerate but have two faces. then the last #4 is type B. you are mean and idle. you don’t take love seriously. love is just for fun to you.

oh, is your boyfriend type B? then watch this movie.. you just may figure out how to make your type-B boyfriend lose his mind with love for you :):)

i’m changing the subject, but isn’t AB the worst? to steal a look at his wife having an affair?