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lunar new year’s day movie

My boyfriend is Type-B“, quite a funny movie. what is your blood type? here is a test to check which type you are…

if you saw your wife having an afair with a stranger when you just came back home… you are standing outside the door and from the window you could guess what is happening inside by their shadow. what would you do?

  • you don’t know what to do holding the door nob
  • you kick the door open to kill the guy who was having an affair with your wife
  • you hide yourself and steal a look to enjoy the intimate scene
  • you just call a cop to report without any second of hesitating. (to help your understand, in korea you can report your spouse’s unfaithfulness to police)

so what is your choice? if you chose #1. you are helpless A type. you are bad at making decision but your heart is very sincere. if you chose #2, your blood type is O. you are very straight-foward and passionate (actually most prefered blood type). oh your choice is #3? you are AB. you are considerate but have two faces. then the last #4 is type B. you are mean and idle. you don’t take love seriously. love is just for fun to you.

oh, is your boyfriend type B? then watch this movie.. you just may figure out how to make your type-B boyfriend lose his mind with love for you :):)

i’m changing the subject, but isn’t AB the worst? to steal a look at his wife having an affair?

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