saif and arup and mukul and others

Lately Saif has been very friendly. The reason ? Well, he think Shajiya’s out to ruin my life hahaha. Poor nut. Just because me and her call each other every now and then doesn’t mean that we’re desperately in love or something. I have to admit, it is quite thrilling. But come on, I don’t know why Shajiya and Tanvir & Swetal do not get along with each other. It’s all some complicated mumbo jumbo. Tanvir doesn’t mind. In fact, he told me he would be friends anytime anywhere if she agrees to talk. But Shajiya really hates him. Truly Madly Deeply. I haven’t seen such hatred anywhere. And I am the goat stuck in the middle. Sucks eh? Both of them are good people and I enjoy the company of both of them. But alas, they don’t get along together. But if they had been friends, it would’ve been wicked. Interesting how the meaning of the word “wicked” has changed over the years. From something meaning evil to something meaning cool.

skids been here since saturday. he brought his PC with him. he overclocked it and is running it at 250 Mhz. also he got Win98 from somewhere. Its not that different. Almost the same. Its not as different from Win95 as Win95 was from Win 3.1. This one has got Internet Explorer incorporated into the OS so that they would kick Netscape’s butt.

I wrote an essay about myself from a third person point of view. Wrote it for Shajiya and gave it to her cause she was going to the Imam Baara everyday. Its so weird. The Shiya’s mourn the death of Imam Hussain more than they mourn Hazrat Muhammad’s (pbuh). Does that make any sense? Its like a totally new religion.

Anyway, I met this guy, Arup, today during lunch. He’s an Indian and goes to Sir Robert Border (SRB). He’s cool. Like we were friends in 3 minutes. He had the nerve to ask Shajiya if she was my gf. As if… But I was more surprised at the reply, “No! I love him. He’s my brother” Okay…

Played cricket today too. Then we went home together after that. She was near her building and waited there for 3,4 minutes and then said, “I want to walk you home cuz I feel like it.” Okay sure.

Saif has this far fetched theory. He’s saying her mom must’ve advised her to get closer to me so that she can hook us up later in life if she felt like it and then marry us together. You should’ve seen me laughing my head off after hearing that.

Nick went to England today. His sister is getting married. skid and sunny played Starcraft and Quake together via Serial Cable. I finished Fifth Business by Robertson Davies. Mukul wants me to run for Co-Prez. I have to write a Bio, Chem, and English test tomorrow. English and Chem are easy but for Bio its some stuff on evolution. Yesterday I had a Math test. God, so much to do.

Went to Charania today too. Everything’s fine. Those cramps were from those antibiotics I had been prescribed when I was in the hospital for the appendix pain. Ya, never got around to write about that. Shajiya, Tanvir, Saif, and Mukul visited me there. Talked to puppa who was in KSA and was really worried too. Mumma visited me everyday and stayed at the hotel for long hours. It was very nice of her.

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