School and nightschool

Been a long time. Day 3 in school. Western civilizations class and then watched the movie Valmont. Actually a re-make of the movie called Dangerous Liasons (John Malkovich, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pffeifer). Had a computer class with Shekhar and Mr. Fox. We worked on the data structures assignment. Delia was not in Physics class. Tanvir was missing as well. Business English has a stupid test. Lunch was ok. CBC is covering the possible closure of Merivale High School.

Spent the spare period in the ESL room with Yosra, Alidhooh, Deqo, Harry and Muhammad. Khadro is in my group for Calculus. We had to present today. Efim somehow learned my nickname at home and kept teasing me by calling me “beta mani”

I’ll write everything that happened over the summer pretty soon. I’ve been reading The Idiot by Dotoveysky. Slept after school. Had nightschool today. Got 95% on the exam. 75% on the last test. I’m in class with Chandonette, Salma, and Aisha.

Skid is starting his job at Taima Corp. from November 9th. Good for him. It’s online tech support… just for the experience. He’s still working on his GENERATIONS mod for Quake 2. It rocks!

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