finite exam

today was the 17th of Ramadan. school is going on as usual. well, not as usual. the Ice Storm of 1998 caused the school to be closed for a week. we, fortunately, did not lose power or water. actually, we did. but only for an hour and another time for two hours. it was no big deal. there were about 3 million people in Quebec without power and/or water. now everything is slowly getting back to normal.

bought a computer for skid. a 233 pentium, 3.2 GB hardisk, 4X CD, 32 SDRam. his logitech mouse is awesome. we bought the system from kaifi uncle except for the monitor which we got from somewhere else. so skid’s old PC gets handed down to me. yay!! no sarcasm intended.

i am currently in my FINITE (MFNOA) class and should be writing my chapter 5 test but since i don’t know anything about MFNOA, therefore i am writing this on he foolscap paper. what a weird name for that kind of paper.

anyway, maa woke me up at 5:35 for sehri. went to the washroom and brushed my teeth. i had been online yesterday until 1 in the morning and thus was kinda sleepy. thrawn woke me at 7:45 for school. i knew i was going to be late. but it was physics in the morning so who cares. the teacher sure doesnt. we never do anything in class except talk with friends.

i got there by 8:17. mr. piper was actually teaching something. surprising. tanvir wasn’t there. alidhooh was though. we did some position-time graphing and got a new revised exam schedule. yesterday all muslims of Merivale High School were called down to the Little Theater and we had a brief meeting with the Principal, Mike Neil, about whether the Eid is on the 29th or 30th. no one knew so we took a vote and the majority won and 30th was selected as a holiday for muslims and no exam that day. when a girl started to say, “there are two kinds of muslims..” the whole auditorium erupted all of a sudden and shushed her down.

after physics i had a spare and so joined harry in the his usual spot in the library. on the way i met swetal and when i asked she told me tanvir wasn’t here. spent the time browsing through the magazines harry brought. EGM, PC GAMER, etc.

biology was next. saw some stupid documentary on proteins and photosynthesis. played ConnectTheDots with swetal. after bio had maths. another new whatchamacallit in the sine-cosine graphs. its so damn confusing. at luch went with swetal to the foyer to call tan’s home but when we were at the phone we saw him coming in. then went to the prayers. had a chem test. did good and then was taking my Finite stuff out of my locker when nick asked, “you have a test ?” and i said i just gave it. and he goes, “No.. in finite ?” and something clicked in my brain and i cried, “Holy shit!” just as sameena baji came in the corridor. blush blush. ran upstairs to E210 and here i am in Finite class not writing the test but rather writing in my diary because i didn’t remember i had a test today