Little white lie

— dude at u of t says : u’ll hear from us in a week.. they wanted my highschool transcripts.
— the everlasting dilemma : should i ? shouldnt i ? should i ? shouldnt i ? [former wins all the time… till now]
— got a call out of the blue _ quantam managment services _ government job _ security clearance _ “no ?”
— so interview at 3 pm _ canada trust = $5 in quarters
— got directions from
— it was kewl.. home and then get ready for school [geez]
— jijjil was there.. so asked him to send me the stuff later on.. he said he’ll scan and email [heh technology =P]
— and so went to library to get some p.g. wodehouse novels
— replay those 2 seconds anytime anywhere and i’ll still say : hell ya !!!
— quite interesting.. opens up like a gazillion worlds & quadrotillion possibilities [thats what makes life so damn interesting :o) ]
— first look is fine… everyone understands… but second ? peek-a-boo.. i saw you !!
— walked home from uni all the way to my house… and it took exactly one hour [checked the time heh]
— rained, actually poured, on the way home.. soaked to the bone.. play it to the bone
— alladvantage, myadvantage, fake surf, getpaid4, gotoworld, sheesh
— spilled a whole glass of coke on my keyboard… the “T” key went dead soon.. then the “Enter” key stopped too
— and then “A” and “S” and “G”
— so today bought a new keyboard.. but i dont really like this one… its toooo…. soft i think.. the keys i mean
— tomorrow going to AMC Kanata theatre to watch Gone In 60 Seconds.. tinku says movie is “friggin nice”

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