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torn apart

I'm standing at a fork in a road. One path is leading to the left, the other to the right. I've been standing here for months. Desperately trying to decide which way to go. I cannot make up my mind. One is too daring, the other too depressing. One is too beautiful and other is too sad. I turn towards the path on the right and take a few steps forward.. only to retrace my steps back to the fork where I still have a choice. And I keep on standing there.. looking towards the left and then towards the right.

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I'm taking a break right now. Been working on C/C++ and Java since saturday. I'm sick of it by now. Good news is that the Java assignment is done. Bad news is that it has a bug. I have three threads running from my main program. Ideally the threads would execute their code and then die. Sadly, my main program exits before two of the three threads die. Orphan threads y0. I tried to track/fix the bug but it just wont go away. The hell with it.. atleast they work right. They just dont die.

  • yThread's exit condition is false others : false false
  • Main program out of while loopThe lowest common number in the files is : 9
  • All values equal.
  • I, yThread, am out of while loop but in run method
  • yThread's exit condition is true others : true true

Last time i wrote "three incidents, a dream, two reviews, and some worries will i narrate to you today". I guess i will get to them eventually. I want to write the revuiews for sure. The dream [bah i'm already forgetting what it was about.. CS, shoes, mall, pesj social studies teacher, student club, something something] maybe, and worries.. hah thats what this page is about most of the time.Winter is over. It's raining these days. You can see the grass growing outside. Looks beautiful. And i miss snow already. Hopefully my allergies wont act up. Otherwise will have to go back on the weekly shots. Ugh. Two years is more than enough to make one sick of injections.

I have to start looking for a job for the summer. Anything. I dont particularly care right now. Need some $$ soon. A tv tuner, a webcam, and some more RAM would be nice. And a cd-burner too. While we're at it, why not a bigger hardrive. Surrre.

Bayqoof's family are finally coming to Canada. They were supposed to move here ~3 years ago but the Immigration Dept took forever to process their application. Bayqoof, himself, is in Purdue and is graduating this May [nice!]. I dont know if he'll be coming to TO or if i will get to meet him [and his weird double-chin again] here or in the states. That has yet to be decided. Too bad g4 is unable to goto NY otherwise we wouldve gone on a vacation there. Too bad Shorts&Co. aren't coming over to TO otherwise we wouldve gone on a tour around the city. It's kinda good though. I have way too much to do this week. two more days of hell (translate : no sleep) before this term is over. I've spent eight months in this university. Unbelievable.

Thiman sent me a pic of his ex almost an year ago. He had photoshop'd the pic and the resulting pic was simply beautiful. I tried messing around with the LeaningTowerOfSteacie pic last night. The first try was beyond horrible [the animated version was wayyy better]. The second version i really liked [the Patchwork filter works beautifully when applied on semi-dark blue].

Icq : Addictive

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