three incidents, a dream, two reviews, and some worries will i narrate to you today. so sit back, stretch your legs, get some pickles from the kitchen, and jump to the next paragraph.


 I was sitting in the library reading a novel and eating. One is not officially allowed to eat/drink in the library but lots ignore that rule and smuggle some snacks every now and then. I had a Pepsi can, a Chips packet, and a Bounty Chocolate bar with me. I was sitting on a table that was near a window [the windows are huge.. reaching from the floor to the ceiling]. These tables have vertical separators in the middle for privacy. People can sit on either side and do their work privately without having someone in front looking at them. There was no one else in this row of tables and so i had complete privacy. I was messing with my hair, bitting my nails, picking my nose, sucking the choclate off my fingers, basically stuff you do when you are 100% sure no one else is watching.I finished the drink and then looked around for a garbage can. It was too far away. I turned back and placed the can on the floor behind me. Someone was sitting on the other side of the table that was behind me. I could see the person’s feet.

While driving to university, i pass by a bus stop that has a shoe ad on it. A woman wearing a towel is standing with her back towards you, the viewer, and is showing her ummm *stuff* to a guy standing in front of her. The guy is saying, “Nice shoes”. I’ve passed by that ad more than a couple of times.

So when i leaned back to put the Pepsi can on the floor and saw her feet, i stopped and looked at the shoes. And i kept looking. After ~15 seconds or so [15 seconds is a lonnnng time to look at someone’s shoes. just stop here and count to 15] i realized that i should not be looking at someone’s shoes like this [pervert !!] and so i started to unlean and go back to the novel when i caught a movement in the window. I looked up and saw the girl looking straight at me. The window reflected both of us at such an angle that we could see each other clearly.

She had a quizzical look at on her face. She also had a slight smile on her lips and i think, or rather imagined, that her eyes were twinkling [yes the reflection was that clear]. Her posture was projecting the question, “Why are you looking at my feet ?” at me. The instant i saw her looking at me, i felt as if i were falling down a dark bottomless blackhole. I felt as if my body was in that chair but my insides, my brain, my stomach, my intestines, and miniMe, the real me who lives in my head, were falling while desperately trying to hold onto something that would save them. I was embarassed beyond belief. I cannot recall feeling this embrassed in my entire life.

Thankfully miniMe recovered quickly. I did not betray any emotion other than maybe turning red. heh. Immediately I looked towards the left pretending as if i were looking for a trashcan [which i was !!!] I had already spotted one at the far end of the table. Quietly I stood up, grabbed the can, the empty chips packet, and Bounty’s cover, my bag, and the novel, dropped the trash in the trashcan, and left the campus.


 I’m walking in the hallway towards a locker. She had asked me to put some stuff in there. I knew her locker number and combination; she told me that yesteday. The campus is virtually emtpy. I walk on, humming a tune to myself towards the locker. It wasnt hard to find it. I also knew what the lock looked like. I tried the combination and the lock opened. There was a grey plastic bag hanging from one of the hooks. My stomach growled. I had not had breakfast in the morning. Like I, she also loves junkfood. I reach in the bag thinking of borrowing a cake, choc bar, chips, or whatever was in there. My hands touch something that felt like a plastic bag. Yes !! I pull it out while the brain sends a “Calm down. I’m sending you some Food any second now” signal to the stomach.There i was standing all alone in front of a locker in the university holding this. My brain reeled while the stomach jumped up and down twenty times in one second. A very very nasty experience.


 ‘Three incidents, a dream, two reviews, and some worries will i narrate to you today’, i said earlier.
Alas, it is 1245 and i have a class at 9am tomorrow. I need sleep.
Stay tuned for the rest of the presentation. It will, hopefully, be narrated tomorrow.