Seagate Barracuda

my computer died two days ago. it rebooted automatically and then halted at the boot screen with a message saying “Hardrive failure is imminent. Backup immediately.” i turned off the computer immediately, called harry and asked if he had ever seen such a message before. he had and he also advised me to back up immediately and get a new hardrive. i called skid and asked which should brand i should buy since he has had two hardrives fail on him in the past. his recommendation was a Seagate barracuda. i had two Western Digitals in my computer.. a 60GB and an 80GB.

the computer never did turn back on. the warning message was about the hardrive but the CPU had died too. doh! i had a 2.5 Ghz Celeron and i decided to upgrade to a 3 Ghz Pentium 4. i had to buy a motherboard as well since the old one had fried itself along with the cpu. it was probably some kind of a power surge that killed everything.

in the meantime i connected my laptop to my dell 2405 for a very odd computing experience. infonec worked on my computer for a day and a half and installed the new motherboard and cpu. i also bought a 120 GB seagate and a DVD writer for backups and today i spent most the day installing Windows XP and setting up all the required programs.

komputar boom! komputar boom! komputar boom!

luckily the hardrive that was going to fail imminently only had a few corrupt folders and i did not loose much. phewh. a very sudden and expensive upgrade… but wow, CounterStrike runs soo much better now.

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