2006 Ottawa

Shawarma Laguna

my father had to be in ottawa today for a meeting. since it was a thursday and the weekend was just across the corner, i decided to drive him to ottawa and spend the weekend there. dooh had recently moved into his own apartment ( congratulations alidooh!! – lunato ) and i wanted to see it. i grabbed my laptop, downloaded everything i needed for today and tomorrow into it and left toronto early in the morning. its a 5 hour drive and it went by pretty fast.

in ottawa i met dooh at his mom’s place and then we walked over to The Strathcona on Laurier avenue. its a very nice apartment and i was mucho jealous. dooh works 4 pm to midnight so he left soon. i unplugged his computer, plugged in my laptop, and used the internet connection for the rest of the day.

in the evening i went out and walked towards downtown. it takes about 10-15 minutes to reach Rideau centre from dooh’s apartment. not bad at all. it was really nice being outside and being so close to downtown. there are people here!! mississauga is such a boring residential place to live in.. ugh.

i went to Shawarma Laguna and had their beef+chicken platter (yummm) while listening to the Senators hockey game. the tv there was connected directly to the satellite and the person working at that hour apologized and said he doesn’t know how to change it. well.. i suppose listening live is better than nothing.

took some more pictures on the way back and then went to sleep in the comfy sleeping bag.

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