Seoul Regional Communications Office

i left my old work place at the end of the last year and moved to a better position in Seoul instead of Anyang. my old job was getting really stressful so i was happy with the change and the people here are just as nice and welcoming as the people at Anyang. i am no longer dealing directly with customers but am in charge of most of the accounting work in this office. no more customers.. yes!!

Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace

Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace

Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace

Seoul Workplace Seoul Workplace

sikander always has a hard time remembering most of the names of my coworkers so we have made lots of nicknames. i guess some of these are mean :):) but they are just our own funny nicknames that makes it easier to talk about my coworkers. some of the nicknames are: fat girl, too much makeup girl, stupid senior, childish senior, girl who has two kids, girl who’s brother is sick, girl who can’t have baby, head of the first floor, once my roomate at appu, princess bitch, intelligent bitch, and senior who hates me. hehe. all of them are good friends, good coworkers and good people! the nicknames just make it easier to talk about them.

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  1. sikander says:

    oh how i hate the childish senior >:|

  2. calidhuux says:

    heajoo? for your pure genius at creating nicknames like “intelligent bitch” and “once my roommate at appu” i must publicly declare my love for you. i love you heajoo! sob.

  3. sikander says:

    a public declaration of love ? alidhooh, OUR FRIENDSHIP HAS NEVER BEEN SO ENDANGERED!!

    watch your back every second from now on friend. i’ve hired some ninjas eager to falicitate a fatality.

  4. calidhuux says:

    all is fair in love and war. bring it on!

  5. teapot says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm kissander? whens the page going to show your web architectural genius then?
    still waiting u know for the new design.

  6. sikander says:

    haha @ “web architectural genius” .. i really have no creativity when it comes to design, layout, and colour schemes. however, i do like the new layout that i managed to come up with (due to help from some other good ppl). i’ll have it up on the site “soon” .. no idea when. i want to do things properly and change a lot of background stuff that no one else gets to see… the administration etc etc.

    soon soon :)

  7. nazanin says:

    you guys haven’t posted in a lonnnng while.

  8. teapot says:

    im so eager to see it

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