2006 Hockey

Lets Go Oilers

Edmonton Oilers! vs. Carolina Hurricanes!

the edmonton oilers vs carolina hurricanes stanley cup final series started today. like all NHL playoffs series this one is also a best of 7 series. carolina won the eastern conference and edmonton the western conference. now they’re both battling for the Stanley Cup. during the regular season carolina was #2 in the east and edmoton was #8.. they barely made it into the playoffs and now theyre in the finals.. lets go oilers :D

don’t even ask me about the ottawa senators. they are not a playoffs team and the sooner i accept that the sooner i will stop being disappointed year after year. yes, ottawa fans, we just have to admit that now. during the regular season the team plays well, they were actually #1 in the eastern conference. but during the playoffs they simply do not have the same passion for the game as any of their opponents. the winning goal for buffalo against ottawa was a disgrace. three ottawa players near the puck and none of them made any effort to reach for the puck and get it out of the zone. you cannot have a “la la la someone else will probably get the puck.. i’m just going to stroll around like im taking a pretty walk in the park” attitude during the playoffs!!!! gah! i’ll root for Sens next NHL regular season but if they make it to the playoffs, i don’t know if i want to even watch their games… lets go oilers :D

Great handshakes in senators playoff history

after 40 minutes, oilers are leading 3-1 against the canes. a road win during the NHL finals is an impressive accomplishment and i hope they maintain the lead. and then win the next one in a carolina as well. and then go home and win two more in a row to sweep the series… lets go oilers :D

sopranos season 6 finale yesterday was a bit weak. i was hoping agent harris’s prediction that someone close to tony would get whacked would come true. the entire season was incredibly slow and nothing really happened. tony gets shot, tony hallucinates, tony wakes up, vito gets caught dancing in a gay bar, vito is murdered, paul has a heart attack. thats it. 12 episodes wasted like that.

there were some hints at tensions between the New York and New Jersey families and within tony’s family, personal and business, as well but neither of those scenarios were explored further. bobby is still where he was before. silvio has settled back into his original position as right-hand-man after tony’s return from the hospital. paulie is the same dispicable human being. vito, who i did not even remember as being part of tony’s crew had a quarter of the season devoted to him just to get whacked by phil. christopher is drinking and enjoying drugs again but at least there was some character development for him. he moved on after that horrible affair with adriana, got married, bought a new house, quit his drinking, quit his drug habits, pursued his movie ideas a bit more, but now seems bored with his life and “job” … sitting in the diner with his new goomah not knowing whether to do more drugs or go to another AA meeting or just go home to his pregnant wife.

at the beginning of the season my expectation was that this season would focus on tony’s crew, the infighting between his captains, and the power vaccum in new york after johnny sacrimoni‘s arrest. eight more episodes left next season which will be sometime in 2007. looking forward to it. also Deadwood season three is starting soon and this will be the last season with 2 two-hour movies later on. cooool :D

as for the game.. oilers were leading 3-1 in the third period. canes tied it at 3-3 and then took a lead at 4-3 only to have it tied at 4-4 by oilers. however, dwayne roloson, the stellar goalie for edmoton suffered an injury and the backup goalie, ty conklin ( yes that’s his name ) replaced him in the net with about 10 minutes left in the third period. he made two saves… and then with 30 seconds left in the game conklin made the most stupid dumb newb goalie mistake ever (video): “Ty Conklin, who had entered the game in the third period after Dwayne Roloson was injured, fumbled with the puck behind the net and it squirted out in front of the empty net where Brind’Amour tapped it in.” sigh, edmonton loses the first game in the series :(

AND roloson is injured and not playing for the rest of the series. damn damn damn.. you might as well give the cup to Carolina right now :(

lets go oilers :(

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