2007 Food

vegetable pancake recipe

Ingredients: flour, 1egg, 1potato, 1 zucchini, 1 carrot, 1 onion

  • Open the refrigerator to see what kind of vegetables have been sitting there for days.
  • Shred vegetables: In my case, I shredded 1 potato, 1 zucchini, 1 carrot, 1 onion.
  • Put them in a big bowl.
  • In another big bowl, put 1 cup of flour, 1 egg, and about one and a half cup of water (I am not so sure how much water I put… add more water little by little until the mix is as thick as pancake(breakfast pancake) mix)
  • Now, mix all vegetables with the flour with a half table spoon of salt(a little bit will be fine because you can have it with sauce later if it has too flat taste)
  • Put a little bit of olive oil on the frying pan and put the vegetable mix. Make it as thin as possible for better taste.
  • Flip the pancake two or three times until the surface becomes yellow brown.
  • In the mean time, put a little bit of soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, and sesame seeds in a small bowl for the sauce. Actually pepper, vinegar, or sesame doesn’t make a lot of difference. Only soy sauce is fine too.
  • Cut the pancake into pieces. And finally, it’s food time.

Here are the pictures:

Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake Veggie Pancake


mississauga washroom

on saturday, after a wonderful tim hortons breakfast, i went to piano class while sikander went for his 1 hour driving lesson. he had some work stuff to finish after that and my piano lesson was more than three hours long so we both became free at the same time.

after our classes i made the Thai Chicken (thanks to the recipe i found in the IGA calendar) that dad liked when he visited us last week. he had asked me if can make some more for him. are you sure? well, ok, i would love to.

later we drove to mississauga and on the way the sun was so bright that it was hard to look in front of the car. i all the time complain about the bright sun and sikander told me that he is going to get his chinese workers to throw the cold water on the sun.. and sure enough, just like every single time before, the sun went away after a few hours. i told him, can you ask your chinese workers to do it a little bit earlier! sikander told me to be patient, it may be a bit late but they all the time do a good job!

while sikander was talking with dad, i wanted to have my own relaxing time in the washroom but holy shit, after i flushed the water didn’t go down and it only came up and up and up and it flooded the floor. i turned off the flush’s water input valve but oh my god, what the hell happened here? i didn’t even do anything and i was just reading a magazine. let this kind of thing happen in my house, not in my in-laws house! i grabed paper towels and threw almost all the towels on the floor to try and dry the floor. how can i even touch this! i went downstairs to call sikander but him and his dad were too busy in some discussion so i did not want to trouble them. i brought rubber gloves and a plastic bag to the bathroom and started to use the plunger. thank god after 30 minutes everything was fine. i think it was a bunch of tissues stuck in the flush. hopefully no one would notice what happened here.

later at night we drove back home by first going downtown and then driving north along yonge street. we love yonge street. its so alive but cozy at the same time. our first condo will probably be south of yonge and eglinton. north of that is too far from downtown.

since yesterday’s salmon sashimi was so good, we went to again and got another sashimi. from 8 pm to midnight, all sashimi are 30% off. i only go there after 8 pm :D


Pacific Mall, AutoShow and Little Children

on sunday we could finally sleep as late as we wanted. for breakfast we had sandwiches and juice.

sikander heard about the Pacific Mall form one of his shcaker friends earlier during the week so we decided to go there. it is supposed to be hte biggest Chinese mall in north america. it was pretty close to our apartment actually. 404 and steeles. i didn’t like the mall so much. it wasn;t interesting. every shop was a glass block and there was nothing unique about the mall. it was too commercial and it wasn’t welcome at all. there were a bunch of cell phone stores and lots of luggage and clothes stores. nothing so interesting. there was a candy shop and we bought a lot of chinese, japanese and korean candy. they even had a strawberry kitkat. it is horrible! don’t try it.

we wrapped up there soon and headed to the autoshow in downtown. sikander’s friend overburn gave him two free tickets to the autoshow so we decided to visit while we had some free time. the autoshow is in the rogers centre and you know parking in downtown toronto. we had to go all the way down to the 4th floor underground and it was so hard to find a parking space and $20 flat price no matter how long we are parking there. crazy crazy. for a short moment i was thinking should we buy this ? should we buy this? should we leave.

but then tickets and coming here.. all the efforts we had made until now, we had no choice. $20 bucks! for at most 2 hours of parking… ugh!

the autoshow was pretty good. so much better than i expected. i felt sorry for naraku though. he had asked sikander to take picture of booth babes but there weren’t any booth babes. sorry harry!

we were so busy to sit in the cars which we have been interseted in. actually, every car there looked nice except toyota yaris and toyota matrix and saturn ion. all these cars are designed with the speedometer in the middle of the car and not directly in front of the driver. that is so dumb.

thank you for offering the free tickets. we came back about 5 in the evening and took a nap. when i got up i finally started the project i was wanted to do for whole week; vegetable pancake. since we should eat a lot of vegetable and less meat, vegetable pancake sounds very nice, doesn’t it ? zucchini, carrot, potato, onion with flour makes perfect harmony. sikander doesn’t like zucchini but he didn’t dislike zucchini in pancakes. next time i will put butter squash in it. we will see if we are still a couple after that. he threatened me the last time i tried to buy butter squash and he told me that if there is butter squash in the apartment, then he will not be in the same apartment until it is gone. i will just tell him its sweet potato.

to make the sunday perfect, we had to watch a movie. we tried The Holiday but it seemed too uninteresting and so cliched that even jack black could not save it with his charming big round stomach. so we moved on to a movie called “Little Children.” Oh my god, what a movie. painful to watch but very very well made. i think the pedophile in that movie should’ve won the best supporting oscar. his performance was so creepy that i cannot erase the image from my mind. by the way, sunday night movie is very important to me especially when i was working in Korea. sunday night i am gloomy enough and on top of my gloominess if i watch a gloomy movie then i am just double triple multiple gloomy. hyyuuuuu me and my sensibility :)

anyhow, what a busy but fun weekend.