Casa Loma, the Castle on the Hill

Since my parents are visiting Toronto, I am kind of obliged to be with them whenever I can. So today I followed them to Casa Loma. I had heard about Casa Loma before but I didn’t have a chance and enough reason to visit the place. It’s like when I was in Seoul I hadn’t been in Han River cruise when all the visitors from non-Seoul area went on it.

Unlike my relatively low expectation, the castle was pretty impressive. Casa Loma means “the castle on the hill” in Spanish. The castle was built in 1911 for 3 years by Henry Pellatte. Mr. Pellatte was not only a rich man but was also very interested in the newest science techniques so he filled the castle with all latest techniques such as the first and oldest elevator in Canada, telephone, electricity, and shower system, etc,etc. The inside is so spacious and lavish with a wonderful Toronto downtown view.

Wow, what a house to live in… but I can’t imagine having such a huge house for myself. What if I saw Kate Hudson, Sikander’s current favourite actress, on T.V and had to call him. How do I know where he is? by the time he is in front of T.V, she is gone.

We got out of the castle and went out to look around the garden that Mrs. Pellatte loved so much. The view of the castle from the garden was like a picture in some postcard. It would have been nice if there is more space to walk around, but at the same time Mr. Pellatte wasn’t a king, but one rich civilian. So it was impressive enough to see what a landmark he made for his city.

My parents were very happy to visit all the attractions in Toronto with enough time and freedom. Even though they have visited Toronto before it was a package trip and they had to hurry all the time to go here and there following what their guide said. I asked my parents for a tip for guiding them but they refused to tip me for the reason that I had been a very crappy guide with no information about the places at all. Ugh, parents are all the time so hard to satisfy. Too much parents in my life in these days :(

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These pictures are a good representation of the Castle. If you don’t mind, can you upload them to Wikimedia Commons under a GFDL license or whichever you may fancy and include them in the linked Casa Loma Wikipedia article. Thank you.

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