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Just for Laughs

The Just for Laughs Toronto Street Festival closed Yonge and Dundas streets on Friday and Saturday. I love it when events are held in the open with streets shut down. It gives me the opportunity to point and laugh at vehicles and claim the road as my own birth right. Russell Peters was performing on stage so the place was jam-packed. He’s a funny guy and the audience loved him.

Later in the evening the Bangditos performed their Guardian Angels show which, according to the JFL website, is “a topsy-turvy tale of volunteer firemen who are more like pyromaniacs, quick to start fires where none existed. Their efforts to intervene only cause disaster. Their fire truck, far from dousing flames, breaks down, spits fire and then showers the audience with water.” It was entertaining as well and I liked the music towards the end.. very Kill Bill-ish

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