2007 Hull Ottawa Restaurants

Farewell to Jessie

Lunato’s friend Jessie called yesterday to tell her that she is leaving Canada and going back home to China tomorrow night. They were close friends when both of them were studying at Algonquin College in 2003 and had kept in touch ever since. With lunato living in Korea and then in Toronto and jessie’s love of travel, they hadn’t had a chance to meet ever since our mutual departure from Ottawa. Saturday, today, would be the last chance for both lunato and I to meet Jessie before we visit Beijing or Shanghai later in our lifetime. So, an impromptu Ottawa trip was in order.

We left in the afternoon with an appointment with Jessie at 5 PM. She had finished all her packing and was just meeting her friends all over town and so we decided to meet her in China town at a Bubble Tea shop. The long drive had famished both of us and Jessie was at a lunch date with her friends when we arrived in Ottawa, so we decided to visit our favourite Vietnamese restaurant. We’ve been there numerous times but I’m still unable to memorize the name of the restaurant. It’s excellent food, take my word for it.

After meeting Jessie and spending some quality time with her, lunato and I met shekhar and dooh and headed to Casino-du-Lac-Leamy in Hull for the Intenrational Fireworks competition. It was quite impressive and the fireworks were probably the biggest and most astonishing that I’ve seen.

Back in Ottawa and after a late shawarma-dinner we arrived at Carleton university at half past midnight and spent the next hour and a half talking about whatever and ever while sitting in the Quad in front of the library.

It was a dark and windy night and the atmosphere was just brilliant. Lunato and I spent the time mischieviously while shekhar and dooh debated about the meaning of life and so on and so forth. Good times.

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