2007 Anniversary Milestones Ottawa


Shekhar posted this on Facebook:

!!! Happy First Anniversary !!!

I’m sure all share my sentiments when I say it was a fantabulous evening. I know this bubbly couple goes all out, but the plan yesterday (September 15, 2007) was way beyond my imagination. Although I’m quite sure that HeaSik will provide a detailed description of the day and their planning process on, I’d like to recap it anyway.

Sikander tells us to arrive at 6:45 sharp. Being proactive, I arrived at 6:50 while everyone was waiting. I see papers in hands of everyone, and yes I did guess it was going to be a scavenger hunt. My better half for the evening, Mr. Shirwa, and I were paired up (at Sikander’s behest and my inability to obtain a date). Nonetheless, Ali and I proved to the perfect match as we beat all other couples and pieced together the words scattered around the buildings encircling (or ensquaring) the Quad. We got the task accomplished in 15 mins, and waited at least 10 minutes for the next couple to arrive.

When we arrived back, a very classy suprise was coming up and took the evening to a whole new level. A limo arrived to pick us all up (except Tony and Zainab who couldn’t keep up with the rest… then again this wasn’t their university). Thoroughly impressed, we all went downtown in this Lincoln 8-seater Limousine to Milestones. The dinner was great, with lots of exciting conversation, plus giving me the chance to get to know Jimmy and Song Woo better.

Dinner wasn’t just dinner though. The games didn’t stop there. We were provided a list of items and whoever had the most items won prizes. Since a lot of items did involve girly stuff (lipstick, comb, hairpin etc), and my partner being another male (and going against Jimmy’s collection of photos and mileage cards), it didn’t help us win any prizes here. Regardless, a fun exercise and the only thing missing was TV cameras.

Evening wasn’t over yet. The limo took us back to Mooney’s Bay (Ali and I decide to drive this time giving Zainab and Tony the opportunity to bond with the rest in the comfort of a family room on wheels). What do HeaSik surprise us with there? It was dark, slightly cold, we were right next to the shore. What a perfect place to light up some fireworks, celebrate our freedom and of course Heajoo and Sikander’s anniversary. Some fireworks were really cool, while some were just duds (especially Sikander’s). That was a cool thought, lot of fun, we took some (like 50) photos after that. After all those attempts, I hope Zainab got one good group shot!

We all headed to Tim Hortons after this and after some caffine we split up, and five of us decided not to end the celebrations just yet. Sikander, Heajoo, Ali, Song Woo, and I went down to Eighteen Lounge for some drinks and relaxation. Good music and ambience. After a couple of hours we headed over to Casino, more to cool off…

We dropped Song Woo home, and rest of us spent the night at Ali’s house, where Sikander asked me “if there’s anything else he can do for me”. Ali refrained from making any moves as it’s Ramadan. Night passed, we woke up to a wonderful morning, had breakfast, made flattering (and honest) comments on Ali’s hospitality, and split off… HeaSik are likely on their way to Toronto at this point. It was good to meet up with all of you after so long.

Towards a lifetime of happiness to Heajoo and Sikander… Kudos for pulling off the plan with such excellence.