2007 Concerts

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

How awesome is it that Roger Waters chose Toronto as the last venue for his 2007 The Dark Side of the Moon tour? Really really awesome! This was the second-best concert lunato and I have been to so far; the best was Guns N’ Roses of course.

I made a lot of videos as well:

2006 Concerts Photography

The Tenacious D!

When I found out that Jack Black’s band The Tenacious D were coming to Toronto, I knew that I just had to buy tickets. lunato is a big fan of Jack Black and this was an opportunity not to be wasted.. even though this would be our third concert in November. None for a lifetime and then three at once in one month.. good times.

It was a very fun concert and we both enjoyed a lot. We were in the first row and had an excellent view. Jack Black stared into lunato’s eyes for an eternity… three whole seconds..

Most memorable songs from the concert: Wonderboy and Tribute.

i managed to record some videos during the concert as well. you can view them here:

good times :)

2006 Concerts

Guns N’ Roses!!

Guns N’ Roses in Toronto! thrawn had two extra tickets and convinced lunato and I to buy them off him. Guns N’ Roses man! Guns N’ Roses! all three of us, skid, thrawn, and I, we grew up listening to Guns N’ Roses and have virtually all of their songs etched into our brain.

So, lunato and I went to the concert and wow, what am amazing concert. Simply spectacular. 4 and a half hours after the gates opened the lights dimmed all of a sudden and the intro to Welcome To The Jungle rocked the Air Canada Centre. Almost two hours later they finished the show with an extended version of Paradise City.

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses Tickets

The pyrotechnics during the show were so damn loud but so well-placed and well-timed. Each time the fireworks went off it felt as if the roof would crack open.

The only complaint I have was that they didn’t play Madagascar… but all the other songs.. You Could Be Mine, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Nightrain, Sweet Child O’ Mine, November Rain, Mr. Brownstone, Don’t Cry, Yesterdays, etc. etc. were just great. The new songs, Better and There Was A Time are also very good.

Oh and Sebastian Bach opened for GnR with his classic Skid Row songs. What could be better? :)