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story time

#2314 By: Shadore66

I call this one “Shadore66 fumbles horribly in front of females part XXXVIII”

Ok so the only thing I had to do today was go to Sears and pick up a package that had come in. Groovy. So I walk in the door and insted of the usual 47 year old troll working there I see this girl who i went to Highschool with. A nice little short hardbody with this great set of blone hair and cute little glasses. Yeah.

So I walk up to the counter and say “hey” (it’s one of those things where we both know we know each other but no one really says anything) and she gives me a shaky “hi”. Why it’s shaky, I don’t know. So she asks “What’s the lst 2 digits of your phone number?” This is where it goes downhill.

I say “(my last name)”. She kinda blinks and repeats “no the last 2 digits of your phone number” I stutter and think to myself “wtf? wtf? wtf?” So then I tell her my ENTIRE phone number. swish. She kinda blinks again and then goes off and gets the package.

Then when she comes back she gets me to sign this piece of papaer and as I go to put my hand down on it I accidently push on the edge of it to hard and it blows on the counter ONTO HER CHEST. yes. on her chest. She kinda looks down and peels it off her breasts and places it back down in front of me like shes giving it to a 2 year old. I quickly scratch my name down and quickly turn around to leave.

AS I’m leaving I’m about to open the door when her boss comes into the room right at the same time and smacks me right in the face with the door. He goes “oh god i’m sorry” and puts his books down to help me but I wave him off holding my nose and get in my car. As I’m driving off I see the girl mouthing something to me from inside but I couldn’t tell what it was.

Now I do, I get home and realize that I dropped my package when the door hit me and its still sitting @ Sears.