2003 Biking

49% humidity

it is getting hotter here in ottawa. i don’t really mind the sun but the humidity can be extremely frustrating. with no air conditioner in the house i can’t really do anything about it.

dooh, that lucky bastard guy will be happy to know is back up. after experimenting around in PHP and mySQL i thought it’s about time i sign up for webspace. the $/month for this webspace is almost equal to a large pizza. worth it no ? //priorities priorities

went biking with lunato yesterday. had to drop some tapes and books at Carleton so we headed out from thornbury, onto meadowlands, down on rideau canal, and finally right on university avenue to reach the carleton campus. afterwards, kept riding down on rideau, left on carling avenue, a late lunch at Aladdin (meat pies.. yummm.. have to take some with me to toronto later this month), and finally south on woodroffe to reach home after 5+ hours. wasn’t specially tired.. a few bruises but nothing special.. it’s the morning after when all the bones ache :)

i was planning on doing some japanese studying tomorrow but doesn’t seem like it anymore :( i refuse to go back to OJLS in september not knowing as much, or almost as much, as my fellow classmates.

other than that, i’ve learned how to make sushi, renewed my driving license, and gone to the gym regularly. some movies seen over the past month that deserve to be mentioned before i close this are : Sex is Zero, Asako In Ruby Shoes, Bunjee Jumping Of Their Own, Autumn In New York, and The Insider.