a new beginning

3:46 pm – And so here we go… A whole new diary. I wanted to start this on january 1st 2000… but i just couldnt wait till then. hehe. I thought of doing this last night as i was going to bed. I was thinking how time passes by soo fast. And then i was thinking how i can read all my old diaries and relive the events that transipred and made me into what i am today [what a wonderful oppurtunity for someone to make a joke about me here.. hehe] and so i thought i should start writing again… but you know what.. writing by hand is soo tedious and boring nowadays. Gimme a keyboard and i’ll type till the world ends.. or till i feel like getting up for a coke / pepsi :o) its only 3:46 right now.. and i’m fasting right now.. we break our fast at sunset. its from sunrise to sunset for one month every year… part of the religion. almost half an hour to go… so i have to get going and start making some food etc… its usually my job to make the juice… oh i *love* fruit punch… its the best juice flavour [is that what u call it ? ] here in Canada. okay.. me gone. 12:54 am – ShowCase was showing VALMONT today.. Its been a long time since i’ve seen anything on tv.. i just dont feel like it anymore.. but this movie is one of my favorites.. anyways, didnt do much today. just worked on my new webpage all day. opened two new accounts with tripod to store some images. now i have accounts with tripod , xoom , fortune city , homestead, webjump ,and muslimsites. thats a lot  :o)  i dont like xoom anymore because they have that annoying frame on top of everypage now.. i prefer ad windows when going to these free sites. one can always close them right away.. geocities also has this new ad thingie which pops up on the top-right side.. theyre annoying !! but i guess thats what you pay for getting free storage space.. wouldnt it be wonderful to have unlimited space on some server.. and to have your own domain.. wheeee.. i would love that. hehe once in my computer’s class in highschool this guy was annoying a friend of mine, sunkit, way too much.. and then he asked sunkit about some web address.. and so sunkit replies : ” its you want me to spell www for you ?” hehehe. we used to have these old old old Macs in highschool. and they taught us Pascal on those. A very useless language nowadays… but you have to start somewhere. and my teacher was pretty good. and hey it was my first computer language so i liked it. now i’ve finished a course in Java in university. they still havent posted the marks for our fifth assignment yet.. the marks were spozed to go online before the exams in the 2nd week of december… oh well. i wish i get full marks in this 5th last assignment too.. i got full in the rest  :o)) i guess thats about it for today.. i should be going to sleep now… i want to write everyday here… let’s see how that turns out. take care everyone and adios..