Y2K Eve

2:55 pm – Lots of time till midnight tonite.. will write later.. meanwhile check this out

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Like A Walk In The Park

1:00 am – Well its the next day right now… but umm what the heck. Havent written for a long time.. Christmas came by and went [we dont celebrate it but hey its a holiday occasion] and then there was Boxing Week [ugh.. i hate shopping and standing in line for ages] and now this weekend it’ll be Year 2000 [so holidays for that] and then the next week it’ll be the end of Ramadan and so it’ll be Eid [another holiday for me]

Quake 3

So lets see… On 25th, Skid went to Toronto and so had to drop him off at the bus stop. When i was coming inside after starting my car and leaving it to warm up, i saw the coolest thing.. ths sun was shining, and the light rays were coming in thru the vertical slits in the fence and the smoke [ummm i dunno what to call it.. u know its cold outside.. and the gases coming out of the exhaust pipe are hot.. so there smoke kinda stuff.. vapours.. blah] from the car was being blown towards the fence cuz of the wind… and so the light was reflecting parts of the smoke.. it was neat.. looked cool  :o)  So.. got out of the drive way, onto Wolmsley Crescent, then Glenridge, then Norice, then these two other small streets i forget the names of, then Meadowlands, then Merivale, then Clyde, then Maitland, then Queensway [417] and then Kent St. and there was the GreyHound Bus-Station right there.. He went in, bought tickets, and came out to say bye etc. and then all the way back home.. same route. Takes around 14 minutes or so to get there by car. Once i drove on the Queensway at freaking 150 km/h !! Damn that was fun ! and sCary !! and dangerous !! but it was at nite.. around 12:20 something.. was coming home from work [Quick Food Mart = Cashier job]. My Dad was in Chicago, me, Thrawn, and Mom here in Ottawa. That was our Christmas. Thrawn playing Quake 3 CTF on Skid’s system and i playing QuakeWorld on mine.. mom was reading something all day. But at night i went out and rented Casino and Michael Collins. I really wanted to see the latter one.. but didnt get the chance to. I like old historical epics. BraveHeart is one of my fav ones. Casino is really good.. long too. and ofcourse DeNiro is da man. [actually you’d never hear me use words like “da man” or “da bomb” or “chill out” or “sup” and all those kinda words… they sound weird.. and everyone around me would start laughing if i started talking like that hehe.. they dont become me.. but occassionally these words creep into my writings and so here it is] Some other movies which are this good are Suicide Kings [go watch it !!] , The Usual Suspects [watch this one too !!] and ofcourse the Godfather trilogy. Christmas night was good… we went out [all three of us] for a walk in the car [ youre spozed to grin here ] and saw all the lights.. some houses look nice at night.. some look repulsive.. excessive lighting and disturbing use of colors. Came home and QuakeWorld and then saw Casino, and then played Quake 3 CTF and then started watching episodes of Serial Experiments Lain [its an anime] [anime is japanese animation] Kept watching from 4 in the morning to 9 in the morning.. It was good… bizzare and twisted and interesting. About this little girl and how she had this different personality on the Wired [their name for the Internet] [by the way, the GUI of the Wired was nifty] [GUI = Graphic User Interface] [nifty = umm cool i guess] and she could also switch from one personality to another whenever and whereever.. she herself being totally unaware about these switches.. there was this scene where there was this guy who was on drugs [his brain was working 7 times faster than normal] and he had a gun and was shooting people… and Lain [the girl’s name] was frozen and was just looking at him.. and then he started yelling at her and then something clicked and Lain walked towards the guy and said “No matter where, people are always connected” and the guy shot himself.. what a lovely scene =P But the anime is good.. i loved the way her personality changed. one second shes all shy and non-talkative and afraid of everything and the next shes totally different.. well anyways… went to The Brick cause they had some Boxing Day sale [ yep, i didnt sleep all night ] but the piece of furniture my mom wanted to buy was already sold.. we asked the guy and he said its all sold out.. and so my mom says but this sale is spozed to end at 10. so the guy replies ” yes mam, but we opened at 8 and there were 150 ppl outside then” heheh.. i would never do that.. like wait in line like that.. ppl waited in line for weeks to watch the first showing of StarWars : The Phantom Menace.. Waiting is, without doubt, one of the most boring things ever. So on the 26th i wanted to go and watch Mononoke Hime [another anime which was the top-grossing movie in Japan’s history until Titanic came along]. But they took it off the screens and it wasnt playing anywhere in all of Ottawa.. even though there is a movie theatre with 24 screens !! Spent the night of the 26th playing Quake 3 CTF again… by the way CTF stands for Capture The Flag.. Oh, when i started playing, while the game was loading it said, Welcome Player # 1905342 [thats 1 million 9 hundred and 5 thousand 3 hundred and 42] and today [the 27th] at around 230 pm when i loaded up the game it said, Welcome Player # 2284739 [thats 2 million 2 hundred and 84 thousand 7 hundred and 39] i love this game and so does everyone else…[note : i am only 100% sure of the first 3 digits in those numbers.. the rest i made up]  In CTF, there are two teams.. a blue one and a red one.. and both teams have a base and a flag.. the object of the game is to infiltrate the other team’s base, grab their flag and bring it back to your own base.. and if your flag is already there, you get one point. The other team’s flag is then placed back at their base.. and the whole process starts over.. and its soo much fun.. like a group of ppl would go the other base and one would run for the flag while the others would be firing at the enemy and protecting their guy.. and then they would escort him back to their own base.. doesnt matter if you die along the way.. just get the flag… heheh… i hate the gernade launcher in Quake 3.. and also the lightning gun isnt all that good.. Quake 1 has the best versions of those weapons.. Quake 2 just sucked.. The rocket in Q3 is cool though.. its my fav weapon in Q3.. well.. so where was i ? yeah so spent the night of 26th playing CTF again.. and then slept at 7 am =P

Mononoke Hime
And today… woke up @ 130 pm.. and did some stuff.. downloaded The Green Mile today.. havent seen it yet.. [piracy and internet rulz !! dont have to pay for movies anymore.. just download it  :o) ] By the way, Thrawn got a job in Famous Player’s Coloseum. Hes so lucky.. he gets to watch free movies.. he can go there whenever we want.. and bring along one guest and its free for employees… well i can download and watch them.. but a free movie in a theatre is something else.. i once won tickets to Batman & Robin when i was in living in Mississauga. Had to drop him off at his workplace today.. and he was late so i didnt bother wearing shoes.. just put on a pair of pants over my pyjamas [ i always wear pyjamas when at home… theyre soo comfy hehe ] and slippers and off we went.. The temperature today was  – 18 degrees with a WindChill of – 28 degrees.. brrrrrrrrrrr cold cold cold cold !! Okay so he gets off the car and then closes the door.. but it wont close.. i had no idea what was wrong with it.. so i told him to go and that i’ll take a look.. and so off he went and then i parked the car and got off and took a look… it was soo cold.. my feet… my poor feet… ahh i couldnt close it either.. so switched off the car and went inside the theatre to a payphone… called CAA and told them about my problem and asked them to send a guy. they said it’ll take 30 minutes.. okey dokes.. called home and told mom not to worry cuz i’m gonna be late cuz the door wont close =P  waited for around 20 minutes and then saw a CAA pick-up truck come-by.. went out and then took him to my car.. now its  – 18 degrees.. the wind is blowing too.. and there is a WindChill of – 28 !! my feet were frozen !!! totally frozen !! i have never ever felt this cold in my entire life… i thought i was gonna faint or something.. my brain was going numb.. my feet… dont even talk about those………… thank God it didnt take long to fix the door… i thanked the guy, locked myself inside the car, and turned the heater on at full blast… my head was killing me… my feet frozen with no feeling left in them.. ouch ouch ouch

Macross Plus
Drove home slowly… was shivering all the way home.. was hoping nothing unfortunate happens on the way.. and it didnt.. otherwise i wouldnt be here writing hehehe.. came home.. and then me and my mom went shopping.. and then wandered around for a while and then came home… went to pick up Thrawn later at nite and just got up after eating dinner and watching Macross Plus [another anime] on TeleToon. And am now turning off my pc… so byeeee


11:15 pm – We went shopping today. Personally i found it boring.. but i did something today i never did before.. i sat on a bench in a crowded mall and waited for the others to finish shopping… it was interesting. like sitting there and watching the masses of ppl walk by, some laughing, some tired, some sad, some bored, and so on. each and everyone of them have their own life.. which i have no idea of. ever tried looking at someone and trying to guess his/her job ? hehe.. woke up early today.. earlier than usual.. its soo liberating not having any uni assignments or other homework to do for the next day. amazing.. but its gonna end soon.. new term starts 5th january 2000.. i wonder how big y2k will be. there was a re-run of StarTrek Voyager on tv a couple of days ago and Janeway [the captain] said something like : y2k didn’t even cause a light-bulb to go off.. but who knows.. methinks at least something is going to happen. oh heres a funny story about the US govt asking hackers not to attack their systems in early january cuz of the y2k confusion hehe.

oh did everyone see the moon last nite ? it was soo bright !! it was the brightest moon in the past 133 years.. the reason ? it was winter solstice [thats the name of a tea party album too.. i didnt know what it meant until i read about the moon stuff on] {winter solstice (noun) : December 22, when the sun is at its southermost point} and the earth and the moon were also a few percent closer to the sun and so the brightness was like 20% more than usual. they had these pictures in today’s Ottawa Citizen.. pretty impressive..

i played QuakeWorld a lot today.. I changed my name from the usual [sikander] to Mr. Bionic Tuna… heheh it was soo funny.. i was laughing and playing at the same time. i love this game.. i once played it for more than 7 hours straight :o)) and on a school nite too heheh.. this was way back in highschool.. in 1998 i believe. so played Quake today.. did some stuff… and then went shopping. i finally finally bought new gloves.. i have been planning on buying new ones for like 2 years now… i have these brown ones.. and they’re warm and all that.. but i just wanted black gloves.. but never got the chance to get them.. but today my brother [older one] had to buy some so i got me some too.. yay

its funny how in all the old urdu stories i have read whenever someone gets the result for his/her exam, he/she comes home and says : ” i passed “. like that’s it you know… no mention of how good the result was.. what the grade was.. what the %age was.. nothing.. i just passed. hehe. i called Carleton University‘s touch tone service today to check if they had any marks from the exams yet.. they did.. for physics.. [course code 75.107] weird thing is, the touch tone service said i had an A minus.. but when i checked the course webpage, it says there that i have 79.89 % dunno whats wrong here.. marks for 95.105 [computer’s java course] aren’t up yet.. they’re sooo lazy !! oh well..

i had this red model of a Dodge Viper.. i loved it. i went to this mall far away from my house by bus just to buy it.. and it was on my desk with all the other small toys, models etc and then these ppl came over to our house for an iftar party and my mom gave the kid my toys [hehehe] to play with… and he ripped out the seats of the car and broke the windshield :o(( my younger brother was vacuuming today [it was his turn.. and my turn to wash the dishes] and he found the windshield and returned it to me… and now the model [scale 1:24] is lying right here in front of me with a small hippopotamus on the broken seats and a small hockey player [which was defaced and painted all in black by a friend] lying on the trunk of the car :-P and the thing is, when kids do something like this, you cant do anything.. they’re kids.. they’re innocent little brats.. i guess i must’ve broken a lot of things when i was a kid too.. who knows.. someone might be writing about how some kid [me] once went to his house and broke his toys right now too.

its 12:17 am now.. gonna play some more quake in a while and then goto sleep early tonite.. atleast i want to.. who knows how it goes. and heres something funny i found the other day :

update : 2:35 am – and haven’t slept yet…. i guess that’s what 3 pepsis a day do to you :-P