11:15 pm – We went shopping today. Personally i found it boring.. but i did something today i never did before.. i sat on a bench in a crowded mall and waited for the others to finish shopping… it was interesting. like sitting there and watching the masses of ppl walk by, some laughing, some tired, some sad, some bored, and so on. each and everyone of them have their own life.. which i have no idea of. ever tried looking at someone and trying to guess his/her job ? hehe.. woke up early today.. earlier than usual.. its soo liberating not having any uni assignments or other homework to do for the next day. amazing.. but its gonna end soon.. new term starts 5th january 2000.. i wonder how big y2k will be. there was a re-run of StarTrek Voyager on tv a couple of days ago and Janeway [the captain] said something like : y2k didn’t even cause a light-bulb to go off.. but who knows.. methinks at least something is going to happen. oh heres a funny story about the US govt asking hackers not to attack their systems in early january cuz of the y2k confusion hehe.

oh did everyone see the moon last nite ? it was soo bright !! it was the brightest moon in the past 133 years.. the reason ? it was winter solstice [thats the name of a tea party album too.. i didnt know what it meant until i read about the moon stuff on] {winter solstice (noun) : December 22, when the sun is at its southermost point} and the earth and the moon were also a few percent closer to the sun and so the brightness was like 20% more than usual. they had these pictures in today’s Ottawa Citizen.. pretty impressive..

i played QuakeWorld a lot today.. I changed my name from the usual [sikander] to Mr. Bionic Tuna… heheh it was soo funny.. i was laughing and playing at the same time. i love this game.. i once played it for more than 7 hours straight :o)) and on a school nite too heheh.. this was way back in highschool.. in 1998 i believe. so played Quake today.. did some stuff… and then went shopping. i finally finally bought new gloves.. i have been planning on buying new ones for like 2 years now… i have these brown ones.. and they’re warm and all that.. but i just wanted black gloves.. but never got the chance to get them.. but today my brother [older one] had to buy some so i got me some too.. yay

its funny how in all the old urdu stories i have read whenever someone gets the result for his/her exam, he/she comes home and says : ” i passed “. like that’s it you know… no mention of how good the result was.. what the grade was.. what the %age was.. nothing.. i just passed. hehe. i called Carleton University‘s touch tone service today to check if they had any marks from the exams yet.. they did.. for physics.. [course code 75.107] weird thing is, the touch tone service said i had an A minus.. but when i checked the course webpage, it says there that i have 79.89 % dunno whats wrong here.. marks for 95.105 [computer’s java course] aren’t up yet.. they’re sooo lazy !! oh well..

i had this red model of a Dodge Viper.. i loved it. i went to this mall far away from my house by bus just to buy it.. and it was on my desk with all the other small toys, models etc and then these ppl came over to our house for an iftar party and my mom gave the kid my toys [hehehe] to play with… and he ripped out the seats of the car and broke the windshield :o(( my younger brother was vacuuming today [it was his turn.. and my turn to wash the dishes] and he found the windshield and returned it to me… and now the model [scale 1:24] is lying right here in front of me with a small hippopotamus on the broken seats and a small hockey player [which was defaced and painted all in black by a friend] lying on the trunk of the car :-P and the thing is, when kids do something like this, you cant do anything.. they’re kids.. they’re innocent little brats.. i guess i must’ve broken a lot of things when i was a kid too.. who knows.. someone might be writing about how some kid [me] once went to his house and broke his toys right now too.

its 12:17 am now.. gonna play some more quake in a while and then goto sleep early tonite.. atleast i want to.. who knows how it goes. and heres something funny i found the other day :

update : 2:35 am – and haven’t slept yet…. i guess that’s what 3 pepsis a day do to you :-P

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