2003 Biking

Biking after midnight

why did i not think of this before :D

the streets were deserted. baseline, woodroffe, centrepointe, thornbury, all of them. there were some cab drivers near Baseline Station and they gave me a funny look as i zoomed past them at 1:11 in the morning. other than that, there were no people outside. and i got to see Mars shinning brightly up in the sky so high

i wanted to bike in the small 30cm deep artificial pond in front of the Ben Franklin Place / Central Library but i heard some guards, presumably, unlocking the main doors as i made two circles around it so i biked away. i shall try again tomorrow !

now that i am sufficiently tired, i’ll take another stab at this much fabled activity called sleeping.


President’s choice

after 66 hits, as of right now, from [email protected], one has to wonder why the ignoramus doesn’t use as the URL.

an uneventful day spent reading Master And Margarita and making the border of the puzzle i bought some days ago. i fixed the puncture in the rear tire of the bike yesterday and it seems to be alright now. however, there is always that paranoid feeling that something is not right and it doesn’t feel the way it used to just because i did not get professionals to do it. insecurity ? nah, just trying my hand at it after 7+ years.

lettuce + dressing is a good midnight snack. this is very hard for me to do. Neko No Ongaeshi is yet another Ghibli masterpiece. Joint Security Area is a very well-made drama. very sad too. and this keeps happening over and over again.

SYSC3303 is beginning to be a pain.