2006 Food

MMMM Snacks!

i had another day off work today. we had a huge meeting for our Ministry of Information in a stadium that was once used for the Olympic Games of 1988. it wasn’t a long meeting but it was a nice break from regular work. afterwards i went to the mall and had some food there. here are some pictures of the food being sold at one of the malls near my house.

Work Meeting Work Meeting

Korean snacks Korean snacks Korean snacksKorean snacks Korean snacks Korean snacksKorean snacks Korean snacks Korean snacksKorean snacks Korean snacks Korean snacks

2006 Skating


daeboreum is a national korean holiday. it is the first full moon of the year for the chinese lunar calendar. we celebrate it by doing some events like having a special breakfast and greeting people by saying some special words. we also eat some nuts which have a hard skin.. like walnut or chestnut.

later in the evening i went out with my nephews. they played with some cans with fire inside and then later we went for ice skating where i fell really hard and hurt my back a little. doh

daeboreum daeboreum daeboreumdaeboreum daeboreum daeboreumdaeboreum daeboreum daeboreum

2006 Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2006

Valentine’s Day in Korea is a bit different than the North American tradition. on february 14th, women are supposed to give chocolate to the men. then on march 14th the men are supposed to return the favour and that day is called White Day. then on april 14th, the men who did not get anything on february 14th get together and eat jajangmyun and this day is called Black Day.

sikander sent me lots of stuff.. lucky me ^_^. take a look. maple syrup, trident gum, twisted straws, kinder bueno, ferrero roche, a very nice card, and a very nice teddy bear sitting in water which i have to hide from my niece otherwise she would steal it. there is a small wheel under the teddy bear heart water ball and if you turn it, it looks like this. best of all, i got Chicken Little sunglasses which i will definitely wear to work everyday.

V Day V Day V Day

thanks thanks for an early valentine’s day gift. now sikander, according to korean tradition you have to send me something on march 14th. and guess what, you’ll have to find a restaurant in canada that has jajangmyun. start looking ok? :):)