Erindale college

Today = awesome. The program applications were finally processed and i got the form back from the Dean of ComputerScience. I was offered Admission into the Specialist Computer Science Program [Comprehensive Option] .. yes yes yes yes !!!! :o))

Heh yea.. the Combinatorics Math course is cool.. graphs, isomorphism, circuits etc.. we got an extension on the assignment that was due today. i burned the midnite oil for the thing.. and he gave us an xtension.. which is good.. i can review the answers again. ordered pizza pizza in the morn.. i thought i cud finish the medium sized pizza on my own.. but had to put three slices in the fridge.. there just wasnt any room left in the stomach.

gonna post this around campus tomorrow.
Bedazzled is funny.. dunno about Quills though. will watch that tomorrow.
QuakeWorld is running fine on the system… but Quake III Arena is still locking up radomly.. doh
The Real Story wasnt as good as Vantage said it was.. gonna start Xenocide tonite.. yeah !!!
Listening : Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

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