* (( quake )) *

so maa wakes me up today and sez, ‘i was watching CNN and they said that there has been a terrible earthquake in india last night’ and i think “ahh.. aya !!” and then she continues, ‘ and some parts of Pakistan felt the quake too ‘ .. and i think, “ahh .. daddee !!!” and finally, phewh, she continues, ‘ i called Pakistan right now and everyone felt the quake twice.. but thank God everyones fine”. and then i log onto cnn and it sez the quake was in some desert area in India.. not in the major cities..

i wonder

is it *good* to feel relieved at the fact that the quake did not kill people in the city where youre friends are.. it still claimed a few hundred lives.. so why did i sigh in relief.. are humans so selfish that they dont care about each other unless their own relations and interests are invovled ?

sadly.. i think the answer is yes

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