Graceful degradation

my csc209 professor used that term in his lecture on the 24th. His words were something like, “but when it comes to accessing huge files, UNIX degrades gracefully”. Does the period go after the double comma ? or before it ? i cant remember. back in carleton’s library’s pc lab, when ed_mistress was proofreading my essay, he told me that i had it backwards.. but now i cant remember if this is the correct way or the wrong one.

my timetable for this term is very good. just three courses [finally some rest] this time. mon, wed, and fri i have classes from 9-1 and then on tue and thursday, from 2-4. the professors this term are pretty good. most defnitely better than last term’s. 228’s prof is female.. and her early morning cheerfulness can get obnoxious sometimes.. but not always. 209’s prof has a strong personality that screams show-some-respect-u-fool.. but not in any arrogant or disrespectful way. i think its his voice.. heavy, deep, and powerful. 344 prof.. heh.. hes needs to find a way to connect to the students.. but i guess thats understandable since he was a visiting researcher in Kobe University, Japan for the past few years. His communication skills must have gracefully degraded. currently he’d be talking about a theorem and then say, and i quote, “so i mean.. this is.. ok.. i mean.. yes.. so the theorem really means…. “.

remember my new years resoultion ? “try not to kill the retard who takes my official seat in the lecture halls.” heh.. well i kinda have official seats by now.. no one has, deliberately, taken them yet.. and thus no mysterious deaths have been reported to the campus police:o)

i finished Ender’s saga [Orson Scott Card] this month. There are four books in the series.. so that makes it a quartet ? [i think thats what they call a series that has four novels..] Personally, i loved the first two novels in the series. The rest had a different style and theme. Near the end of the series, the last few chapters of Children of the Mind, you have to keep track of, and understand, some very weird concepts and theories to make sense of whats going on. Ofcourse this is science fiction so there are going to be weird manifestations of physical and/or metaphysical concepts. But when an author conjures up a universe based on these concepts and theories and complicates them more than necessary, his/her writing tends to get boring. Asimov mastered the art of keeping his writing simple. It didnt matter how wacky or complicated his ideas were since they flowed like a river when he presentedthem in his writings.

I havent played any adventure games in ages. skid gave me The Longest Journey a few months ago and i installed it yesterday. The visuals are stunning. Apparently it’s a very very good game. But its lonnnnnng. 4 cds !! And thats why, subconciously, i dont want to play it.. cuz i know i’ll get hooked.. games like these scare me.

thrawn’s having eXams these days. ReadingWeek is coming up soon. Its getting cold again. Car’s front-left door’s lock is borked. Still looking for a decent part-time job. Have to reply to some emails..

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