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ReadingWeek starts from February 19th. Add the two weekends before and after that week and thats a total of 9 days. Nine days of no classes. But that dont mean no assignments. The UNIX course midterm is right after the holiday. And there will be other assignments to work on to.I’m planning on leaving TO on the 16th, after jummah, around 230pm. Its a 4-5 hour drive and i should be in ottawa by 8 pm. Most probably i’ll goto dooh’s first. Maybe get ed, andvari, zolt, and goto a movie. or maybe just rest. cuz theres a ski trip on the next day. And i really really wanna goto that. ed’s trying to get a ticket for me. It’s arranged by the BioChem department [in Carleton]. Last time it was arranged by the same dept. Oh, and we’re also going to the same ski resort.

you know whats really annoying ? Not being able to get the right water temperature when taking a bath. I swear it can get soooo frustrating.. turning the knobs again and again, testing the water to see if its not too hot and not too cold. aaaahh. Sometimes its take me 5 minutes just to adjust the temp. ‘damn too hot.. okay turn it down.. ahh !! too cold too cold.. go back go back.. shiet too warm now.. skin’s burning.. oh for the love of.. ‘

I went to bed at 430 pm.. wanted to take a nap. when i woke up it was 1130 !!! what a waste.. i was supposed to work on an assignment.. and just wanted to take max 3 hrs rest.. but no one woke me up :(

now, at 439 am, i’m almost done.. it’s due on wednesday. tomorrow, or rather today, have to start working on the report. Apparently, the report is worth lots.. even if your code isnt as good as it should be, and if it doesnt do what it should, your report shud be topnotch.

Have to watch the following..

so today, math assgn, tomorrow csc228 assgn, thursday training at WIS, friday csc209 assgn.. weekend math midterm. still, its much better than ed’s schedule. “i have a quiz tomorrow, and 3 labs with their prelabs, one assignment, 1 midterm, and a lab exam this week, hehe. oh, and also next week, 3 labs with their prelabs, and one assignment, to hand in at the end of the lab.” welcome to university !!

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