A maze of tangled grace

This oughta be interesting. Ordered that thru today. Rogers sent us a “$25 online gift” last month and it was going to expire on the 13th. I heard about that novel a long time ago but didnt remember its name at all. Shack to the rescue!!

I was going to do some studying today but didnt get around to it at all. I think cuz of waking up after 1pm; that messed up everything. Fixing the room [had multiple hurricanes and tornadoes arrange a party here over the past week] took about two hours. I was so sure that our old vaccum cleaner, the one we brought from Saudia, had an button on it that let you choose if you want the vaccum to take air in or to blow it out. But i couldnt find it at all. Thrawn suggested that maybe i dreamt about it; ummm no. I distinctly remember taking it out for the first time, thinking how its been almost three years since anyone has used it, and then trying to vaccum the living room with it. But i wasn’t picking up anything at all. And then i found that switch and turned it to “Intake”.

The Ottawa Trip was *amazing*. I’ve been meaning to write something about it ever since i came back. But been too busy wasting time heh. Well not really, had two midterms [csc209 + csc288] this past week and have three assignments [2 x csc + mat344] due nxt week. I posted some pictures tho; felt pretty weird having my pictures on the Net like that.. but what the heck. Traffic was an amazing movie.

[Dooh : What has zero mass but infinite density ][*everyone puts on their thinking caps*][ Me : Blackhole ][ Dooh : Blackhole my ass !! Waittt !! I didnt mean that ][*everyone laughs their head off*] I guess what i missed most was the pointless philosophical debates. what does happiness mean. is the world going to hell. whats right and whats wrong. lestat/lestait. japanese school gurls… and they always happen when we’re in my car. ::i smiled and drove on::

in denial : nine months.. a lot can happen in 270 days “you might be a mom by now”. <soliloquy> why do you always think like that.. be normal for once and keep such thoughts to yourself; but then wheres the fun ? more importantly, what’s “normal” ? “So youre the famous sikander” [uhhh.. how do i respond to that] do you avoid situations where you dont know what you would do ? “oh i know what she’s doing”. but someday, no matter how far away that day is, someday you will have to take a stand and make a decision. i’m on a different world altogether; how am i to know whats going on in your world.. the walls have ears yes.. OCTranspo has informants yes.. but all that was/is coincidental and amounts to nothing; oh to feel and experience everything you did. “I want to understand everything. I want to know everything and put it all together to see what it means“. But hey [Nobody’s rational. We all act because we’re sure of what we want, and we believe that the actions we perform will get us what we want. But we never know anything for sure, and so all our rationales are invented to justify what we were going to do anyways] (blatantly stolen from Children Of The Mind) bottom line : mission accomplished; you can go home now. </soliloquy>

Dinner : A pack of Tostitos + a bottle of Salsa + a 2L bottle of Pepsi. Hey, i have to take care of my health you know. Royal Chinese Buffet [Bank + HuntClub] has the bestestest food in town. [duhhhhh]

0415AM: watched What Women Want + Get Carter over the weekend; funny + yawn. Wanted to reply to some emails today.. err yesterday. i guess that’ll happen tomorrow. and mat344 is tomorrow too. and the compsci things. <sigh>

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