wake up and smell the rain

i love coincidences.. theyre so unusual and if either person/event had happened just a few seconds sooner or latter, then the umm.. the coincidence wud not have taken place.. wtf was that ?? you know what i’m talking about right ? huh huh ? good !!!

the doorbell rang; i went to the guestroom and looked thru the blinds to see who it was. whoever it was, they had already entered the house so i didnt get to see how many people had arrived. or if they had any kids. but i saw another car enter the street from dendron and park in front of our house. people got off… three kids.. our age. i went back to my room.

we had a formal dinner invitation on friday night [09th march]. It was an eid-millan dinner at candles banquet hall. we were among the first ten people who showed up.. bleh.. shudve remember this is a desi dinner.. the actual ETA is always an hour after the expected ETA. oh well. suits suck.. well some do. the one i wore wasnt what i would call a “good” suit. it was ok; a dark blue one.

last time i wore it was on a 14th august [independence day] dinner back in 2k. the invitation was for the whole family but skid and thrawn didnt want to go. i did. so i called dooh but he wasnt home, andvari wud rather die than goto a formal function with me :P so i called ed. IIRC, he was asleep at the time but he agreed to me picking him up in 15 minutes [hey why wud anyone refuse free food !!] yeOldScaryOne was there and i thought Zerologik might be there too; but she wasnt [phewh]. the other family on our dinner table called us ‘the laughing brothers’ cuz i was unable to supress my laugther when the waiter brought a plate of grass for us to eat and i put way too much sauce on it [some green salad thing]’ :)

anyways, back to the present [tis almost a week old now hey]. the food at the banquet hall was very good.. but it’s so damn hard to get to it.. hundreds of people all around you, virtually no space to walk freely, and a long lineup near the food stations. i think… i _think_ i saw pignose there.. atleast whoever she was, she was an exact replica of her. it’s highly unlikely, but i remember when i first saw her, i froze and thought, ‘wtf is she doing here’. after a closer, errr.. longer inspection, i realized its not her. but when she walked past us for the third time, i was 99% sure it was her… but… thats so unlikely.. i mean.. it’s virtually impossible.. oh well whatever.. it just reminded me of that Carleton ep.. and the incident fits in nicely with the ‘coincidences’ theme.

10th march.. had to work on my csc228 assgn2B. also mat344 assignemnt was due on tuesday. and had another dinner invitation tonite; ABHaleem. this one was better; kids our age. but they’re going to York University. and ABS dissed UTM in front of dad-dee the rest of the day was spent cleaning the house for tomorrow. had a minor row [over directions and h4w h4w h4w.. but nothing terrible serious.. but i wonder who they turn to when they cry] oh and also managed to put the chandelier in our sitting room. had to get different screws and bolts from CanadianTire and had to dig around the depression in the cieling before the chandelier’s holds fit in properly. it looks nice now.

11th march.. and today and the partay at our house. three days.. three dinner parties.. compare that to OTT.. bigg difference hey…and this brings us to the coincidence part.. </tangent>

there were four people in my room.. gL00m, diablo, u7, and thrawn. gL was talking about cricket, someone was on the pc [downloading mp3s ala napster] and the short fat kid [methinks his name was usman] was just standing there… with his belly touching the ground. i heard some people come up the stairs and then maa entered the room with two more guys.. she was introducing them, ‘ this is venom and this is..’ when venom interrupted her and said, ‘ sikander ?!? i know you !! remember me ? venom ‘. i was dumbfounded.. i just looked at him the way a duck would look at an electorn microscope [meanwhile the brain was running a search algorithm trying to fit the face with a name and memories]. he replied, ‘ we were in the same class in jeddah. dont u remember ? i used to borrow cds from you.. syndicate and some other games ‘ jeddah ? i know this guy ? ‘ venom who ? ‘ and then all of a sudden the search found a match.. and memories came flooding in.. ‘ OHHHHHH… venom !!! i remember you… wow ‘. and then everybody laughed [h4w h4w h4w]

he was in my class back in grade 9 in jeddah.. we used to exchange games every now and then. he was an expert at narrating stories [his usa trip etc etc] and he was the tallest student in our class. and then one day he just stopped coming to school.. i dont remember when or why or whether i called his house.. it’s a blank. and now today, after more than four years, here he was.. standing in my room. what a small world :)

we had exactly 40 guests that night; we were expecting ~50 [average of 5 people per family]. it was a very nice evening.. i had fun.. talked about cricket, soccer, university, urdu school, old friends, highschool teachers, games, cars, bikes, blahblahblah. each family brought one dish with them so there was plenty of food.. and coke

last week [on sunday] sahan came over to type her english ISU on the pc. their computer wasnt working. btw her brother was at our party [seneca college] but he just sat there.. and didnt really talk to anyone except himself.. which kinda freaked out diablo.. and everyone else too.. oh well.. almost everyone tried to include him in a converstaion but he just didnt want to participate.. fine with me.

and that brings up us to today [AYBABTU reference] tis funny.. am writing about stuff that happened almost a week ago

this week.. been busy with the csc228 project; the project plan is due tomorrow. have to type that up today. right now am in the comp center.. waiting for the mat344 class.. 2 hours.. ugh. three people in my group [ida, azih, me]. the project is a simulation of an auction house. there are members and there are items for sale. the members put items up for sale and can retract them from the auction whenever they want. members also bid on the items and can buy them when the auction ends or when the bid price reaches the max bid price of the item [hey we have to end it somehow.. a timer wud get complicated] we also have to keep track of a members buying habits, his average buying price, number of items bought, just a bunch of statistics.] the project is due in a month.. april 12. there is a small presentation on it around the end of march; aizh taking care of that. i have to type up the plan and the rest of the coding, testing, and documentation is divided up amongst us.

i really want this project to work flawlessly. but what terrifies me is that we have to do this on UNIX [Solaris] ackk !! can u imagine how hard the debugging is going to be ? i’d rather be on hell !!! actually.. i think its about time i install l00nix on my system [ON A SEPARATE HARDRIVE] that wud surely help. command link unix is soooooo old now.. gawd knows why they still use it in every university.

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