the end is near.. apocalypse now [the first time i saw it (in highschool) i did not like this movie. then i saw ‘the making of apocalypse now and i loved it. and now i think if i see AN again, i’ll like it]. this really is too bright. i always try to keep the colors dark so that any lurker lurking around at night (with the lights off in his/her room) wont go ‘yearrrrrggghhh too bright‘ if he/she stumbles here. and the new monitors dont have that old-fashioned knob to increase/decrease the brightness and contrast. instead they have a button that brings up a menu on the screen and then you have to scroll down and select contrast/brightness and then click the other button and that brings up yet another menu and then you get to change the settings by pressing the up or down butons. so basically by the time you change the settings, you’re 30% blind.

tuesdays are my fav day of the week. mondays i have class at 9am and so mondays is suck but then tuesday is right around the corner and since i have only one class on tuesday [@2 pm], it’s a virtual weekend all over again. IF i dont have anything due on wednesday and i usually dont. all the assgnments are due on either thursday or on friday. today was tuesday.

one of the few things i like about TO is driving on the highways. I had to goto Steeles + DonMills and so had to take Highway 401 and then 404 to Steeles Ave. The highways here are huge; 4 express lanes + 3 collector lanes + bridges merging in and branching out all from all over. There is this stretch on the 401 where you pass under 8 bridges in less than a minute. At one time there are three bridges over you; one above the other. The 410 bridge from 401 East and the Gardiner East exit from 427 South are so high theyre scary. They remind me of snakes whenever i see them.

The other thing i would miss if i ever get out of here is The Humble & Fred Show on Edge102. I listen to that show on mon, tue, and fri when going to the 9am class.

Went to Math class at 2pm. I have a 25% take-home test for it due on thursday. I’ve done part of it. The rest i guess i’ll do on wednesday. That class was fun. Not anymore. All this new weird stuff is confusing. Network flows, Graph Colouring, Isomorphism, etc was interesting. But Generating Functions, Permutations, and similar stuff is ugh.

That’s uhh.. about it. Another day gone like the wind…

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