Covert ops

i was sitting in Denny’s earlier this morning with rainmain and lord byron and rainman asked me again why i was chuckling and laughing all by myself. my response was that i was just remembering something that happened earlier and that i found it extremely amusing. we were awaiting the completion of the binding of our Requirements Document. Staples at SouthKeys, is open 24 hours and so after we, lord byron, rainmain, jay, and i finished proof reading our document at around 1130, we printed it and headed for SouthKeys, except for jay who went home.

what i found extrememly amusing was the fact, atleast i’d like to believe so, that a covert operation had taken place earlier in the HP lab. we, my group, were rechecking the Traceability column in our use cases when X showed up, used the phone, and then left. X came back again, with Y this time, used the phone and then they both left. their intentions, although well-hidden and executed seamlessly, were quite apparent and it made my day. “you’re talking to me now ?” .. “oh yeah, i’m in a very good mood right now.”

it’s quite remarkable what one can see from the corner of one’s eyes :)

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