Covert ops

i was sitting in Denny’s earlier this morning with rainmain and lord byron and rainman asked me again why i was chuckling and laughing all by myself. my response was that i was just remembering something that happened earlier and that i found it extremely amusing. we were awaiting the completion of the binding of our Requirements Document. Staples at SouthKeys, is open 24 hours and so after we, lord byron, rainmain, jay, and i finished proof reading our document at around 1130, we printed it and headed for SouthKeys, except for jay who went home.

what i found extrememly amusing was the fact, atleast i’d like to believe so, that a covert operation had taken place earlier in the HP lab. we, my group, were rechecking the Traceability column in our use cases when X showed up, used the phone, and then left. X came back again, with Y this time, used the phone and then they both left. their intentions, although well-hidden and executed seamlessly, were quite apparent and it made my day. “you’re talking to me now ?” .. “oh yeah, i’m in a very good mood right now.”

it’s quite remarkable what one can see from the corner of one’s eyes :)



wha ? new month already ? i didnt realize that today is the 2nd of october until i got to Baseline station in the morning. there, as i was waiting for #95 to go to the OTrain station, i saw a torn up September Student BusPass on the ground. i hadn’t purchased this month’s bus pass yet and since it is OCTranspo’s policy to let people ride free on the 1st day of a new month if they show the past month’s buspass, i wasn’t prevented from using the public transport system yesterday. usually they remind you to get a new buspass but yesterday no one did.

so i bought the new pass, $49.75 CDN, and went to university. the sri lankan girl who wears thick glasses, big puffy jacket, and has knotted hair entered the classroom 5 minutes after i did and she sat where the goddess usually sits. it is but an honest coincidence that the seat where her highness rests is in my direct line of sight. i sit in the second last row, right beside the back door of the classroom. there is ample space on my right to keep my bag on the ground and to easily walk in and out of class without disturbing anyone. it was, i guess, fortunate that She always sat in the left most seat in the front row on the right portion of the class.

but today that seat was occupied by the sl girl. i’ve often, as in more than once, thought about how she can change her appearance and look more fresh and lively. the first thing that would have to be removed and perhaps crunched under big steel toe boots are the glasses. the frame is this thick –> ||||||| <– and the lens are just as bad. a smaller frame would suit her much better. or maybe she can get rid of the glasses and get contact lenses instead. the second thing would be a change of jackets. the current one is too big for her body and it looks odd. third would be to have her hair open instead of keeping them knotted together as if they were rope. one might wonder that she keeps her hair knotted like that because they hinder her.. i scoff at that. long hair should always be kept open. or if not that then held together by one or two hair clips. i have an excellent picture of what i mean but i am on campus right now so i do not have access to it at the moment :(

when She arrived and saw that her seat was being occupied by a human, She choose not to unleash her wrath and impart a lesson that the sl girl would never forget, i have very strong feelings about people taking over other people’s seats in class once it has been implicitly established where one will sit for the rest of the term. instead, She, being the nicest being on the planet, kept walking and sat elsewhere. elsewhere being a seat which was not in my line of sight and to steal a glance i would have to lean forward in my seat and look towards the left. far too obvious with other students around me and the professor looking at me through out the class. i don’t know why he always looks towards where i am.

and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the day got worse. after the professor said, “and that is all for today”, i put my novel and the 600 ml pepsi bottle in my bag and left. about two minutes after i had walked out of class i felt liquid flowing down the back of my knee. i stopped. no way this had happened. i swung my arm and opened my bag and saw that it was all wet inside. the 3/4 full pepsi bottle was now about 1/4 full. OH NO’S

i went to a washroom and tried to clean the bag. thankfully i had my binder in my hand and so that did not get ruined. the class notes for 3005 were soaked top to bottom and the jacket was also full of pepsi. i washed and cleaned as much as i could and then decided to go to BillingsBridge Mall to buy a new bag. i’ve been wanting to get a new one for more than a month now. this one is all torn up, i broke part of the shoulder straps and the zipper as well. all accidents ! honest. i also have to get a few other things and i’ve delayed them long enough. i walked out of the washroom determined to skip the tutorial and the BORRRRING 3005 class. but we might get our Test #1 back during the tutorial. hence, the new plan is to go to the tutorial room, grab the test, if available, head to BillingsBridge, and then home.

half an hour left till the tutorial starts.


Moley moley moley

this following emoticon sums up my attitude through out the test: :D

two things have been brought to light since the last time i wrote. they are as follows.

1) the pest is a worse human being, if you can call him that, than i thought. his character is identical to that of a leech. apparently he is in our (notice the use of “our” instead of “my” … explanation follows) class. yet he hasn’t attended a single lecture. this pernicious knave skips classes and then, presumably, gets the notes from the lady in blue. what a waste of matter >:(

2) my eternal and unspoken pledge of allegiance has been accepted. i am no longer an anonymous person floating aimlessly in the mass of humanity on this planet. i have successfully become a unique individual with a name and a face. although i haven’t heard her highness say my name, i am confident that my status in her eyes has been lifted from ‘a mere insignificant mortal’ to ‘an acquaintance’. ‘a friend’ is perhaps wishful thinking.. it’s never good to push your luck. or you be the judge. when the goddess arrived in class for the test, she was followed by the knave. she walked up to where i was sitting and then without a look at him she sat down beside me (hence my pervious usage of “our” instead of “my”). my insides jumped, something heavy banged against the left side of my chest, the brain declared an emergency, and the amount of blood i carry in me doubled in order to try to get everything back to normal. i turned, greeted, wondered aloud if the TA would let us sit side by side, and then said, ‘oh who cares’ and started talking.

the above two events were too much for me to handle in less than 2 hours. i finished my test in about 20 minutes, went over the answers, looked towards my right, met her gaze, flashed a smile, and left the classroom after handing the TA my answer sheet.

today was a glorious day.