the tides of war

i don’t know what to feel. i’m just horrified. here we are in the year 2003 marching towards a globally opposed war that can easily spin off into something catastrophic. the what-ifs are just scary. no one knows how long this conflict will last or how it will play out… or how many will die.

am i supposed to lead my normal life while bombs are falling over iraq ? am i supposed to attend lectures and work on assignments regardless of people being killed on the other side of the world ? do i watch movies, play games, and read novels during this war ? do i just ignore it ? do i protest ? what do i do ?

someone please convince me that further bloodshed is necessary. convince me that further deaths of human beings, iraqi or american, civilian or military, are needed to make this world a safer place. show me that there is no other way to remove the iraqi threat without more people dying. how can a person willfully plot the destruction of others ? how can one sit in a room and discuss with others how to kill ? how can one be happy at the prospect of taking the lives of others and justifying it ?

everyone has valid arguments. i’m sure the us knows what weapons iraq has. i’m sure iraq has no intention of handing them over or destroying them without being threatened by dire consequences. and i’m sure that this crisis can be resolved without having to goto war. what right does the us have to invade another sovereign nation ? what kind of future are we preparing for the next generation ? are our children going to ask us questions like ‘where were you when the us attacked iraq ?’… or ‘where were you when WW3 started ?’.

less than 48 hours to go..

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