2003 Biking

Oh my niece!

we were supposed to bike from Baseline to Dominion and back. however, after a hat and a washroom break, we decided to explore a bit more to the east. the bikepath we were following took us to Port Champlain bridge… which takes one from Ottawa to Hull.

reached home more than 8+ hours after the departure time; Home -> Baseline -> Lincoln Fields -> [email protected] -> Ottawa River Parkway -> Champlain Bridge to Hull -> Hull Riverside -> [email protected] -> Hull Riverside -> Royal Alexandra Bridge -> Ottawa River Pathway -> Baseline -> Home //biking in pitch black through rows and rows of trees and foliage on both sides can get quite unnerving.. especially if a firefly decides to suddenly light up in front of you..

both ended up skipping classes but looking back, i think it was worth it. ottawa is beautiful. i’ve lived here since ’97 but never had i seen these bikepaths, experienced nature like this, or biked to hull before ;)

oh and another thing. no more carbonated drinks from today, the 20th of June, to September something something. promise!!111

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