a few days ago i borrowed a PlexWriter from a friend. my AOpen 20X CDRW has stopped working on my computer. at first i would get Fixation Errors in Nero. I switched to CDRWin and was able to burn 4 or 5 cds before it started bailing out as well. Further investigation with VCDEasy told me the new error was a Power Calibration Error. AOpen’s website, in taiwan, was of no help. however, google provided me with quite a number of angry AOpen customer posts on various forums complaining about how the burners stop working after about a year. mine lasted more than a year. not bad i guess.

the PlexWriter is eXcellent. it is 24X and burns a cd in 4 minutes and 30 something seconds. all hail Plextor.

i biked to Carleton earlier today. couldn’t find any spare air conditioner that i could borrow for the summer. afterwards, it took 34 minutes to bike back home.. but those 34 minutes in the sun were enough to do this :

34 degrees celsius | 93.2 fahrenheit

tomorrow 2 pm i shall be free!! mythist, on the other hand, is still busy trying to make up her mind about the movie plan. i shudder to think about how chaotic the inner workings of her brain might be. synapses firing all over the place.. intermingling with one another, creating false positive and non negative charges which randomly discharge themselves.. leaving unfinished thoughts floating in the dark caverns within the seemingly endless cranial cavity .. eeeek

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