Indonesia and Hong Kong trip

Jakarta [[ Indonesia ]] – Arrival from Toronto [[ Canada ]] and Seoul [[ South Korea ]]

Jakarta [[ Indonesia ]] – Departure to Hong Kong [[ China ]]

Hong Kong [[ China ]] – lunato’s departure to Seoul [[ South Korea ]]

Hong Kong [[ China ]] – sikander’s departure to Toronto [[ Canada ]]

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  1. jimmy nguyen says:

    hey sikander how u doing bro ? this is jimmy, seunwoo’s bf in ottawa…great trips that you guys had there man, look like lots of fun and i’m happy for u guys…we have booked tickets in december, i hope to see heajoo there and we”ll snap some pics. take care and cya

  2. sikander says:

    hi hi jimmy, i hope you’re doing well. yeah, the trip was quite amazing :)

    i hope sunwoo and you also have a great time when you visit korea in december. and yes, take lots of pictures and videos :)

    i’m going to be coming to ottawa later in november.. i’ll give sunwoo a call and maybe we can meet up.

    take care.

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