2006 Birthdays

Birthday with good luck

on the morning of my birthday on the 13th, i heard glass breaking sound. i went outside my room to my mom to see what happened and there were so many pieces of glasses on the floor in the kitchen.

“mom, are you o.k?”

“yeah, i just hit the glass with my elbow while i was doing dishes. by the way, there will be so many good things coming this year for you”


“breaking a glass is a sign of good luck, some people do it on purpose. it just happened on your birthday morning so it’s a sign of good luck for you”

“oh really? true or not, i will take it”

by now i truly believe it. i had wanted to change my position at my work and it happened recently. i am still working for same ministry but different work in a different office which is what i have wanted for so long. i miss my ex-coworkers a lot though.

i have wanted to learn skiing (i have gone skiing twice long time ago and i sucked at it) and i went on a ski trip with my new coworkers last weekend. we all enjoyed the weekend there and i can ski now without falling continuously:)

Ski Trip Ski Trip

also recently, we, my coworkers and i, chipped in 10 dollars each to make big money for a game. the winner will get all the money and feel happy about it during the upcoming lunar new year holiday. the game is like this. you draw as many vertical lines as the number of people taking part in the game. then everyone is given a random number and they go and put one horizontal line in the slot assigned to them. this horizontal line can be drawn anywhere from the top most part of the vertical lines to the bottom part. basically you make a ladder in your slot without knowing what the final result will be like because everyone else can make their own ladder as high or as low as possible. once everyone has drawn a line then we start climbing these ladders which have become stairs now because all the ladders are all connected. the game stops when you cannot climb any higher and whichever ladder you stop in is the winner. i chose the 5th ladder without expecting so much but surprisingly i became the winner and got the money!!! see? lucky me..

talking about sikander…it was the first birthday to spend without him ever since i have know him. when i was talking to him the night before my birthday i told him, “i know you are in Korea right now, where are you?”, “no lunato,i wish but i am not”, “you you sneaky.. you are gonna come to my office tomorrow, aren’t ya? i am on 11th floor, don’t get lost”

hehe instead of him, a package arrived here for my birthday. best pictures collection since we’ve known each other and very good taste of picture frames, cds with his korean handwriting on it (some letters didn’t make sense:) and sweets..thank you sikander.. when i get home after a long day, i sit at my table looking at what you gave me. all your presents refresh me and make me realize that smiling makes everyone look pretty and happy :)

Birthday Photo Frames Birthday Cd Birthday Photo Frames

Birthday Collage

so everyone smile~~

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