2006 Ottawa

Swiss embassy

all day today i spent chatting up on yahoo! and msn. in the afternoon i went for some grocery shopping at the nearby loblaws and took some more pictures of the apartment. i really like the old style elevator floor display. watch it turn! it reminds me of Nero Wolfe.

the swiss embassy is behind The Strathcona apartments. i wanted to go there and tell them “your country is beautiful!” but they would probably just escort me off the premises. the mountains in switzerland are so beautiful. toronto and ottawa are so flat. hull has some sort of mountains that we can see from ottawa but this part of canada has no majestic mountains at all :( i miss switzerland…

later today dooh and i are going to shekhar’s house to watch a movie and do a Die Hard 1, 2, and 3 marathon. apparently shekhar hasn’t watched all of them.. *shock and horror*

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