Eid at Mandarin

eid mubarak!! Did you know that eid is the celebration at end of Ramadan and it’s supposed to be one of the biggest holiday in Islam?

We all got money from sikander’s mom in celebration (very nice holiday :D:D). We also went out in the afternoon. Alidooh got purple glasses and forced us to call him “didi ali”. oh didi ali, you and your uniqueness… sikander’s mom said “alidooh himself is unique”. I think so too, in a nice way :)

By the way, sikander’s mom and alidooh can talk forever. They are so happy talking whatever between each other.. so I got a bit jealous and told alidooh “alidooh, you should have married to sikander so that you and mom can a good relationship” “lunato, yes I would have a great time with mom but I would have a terrible relation ship with sikander. so don’t be jealous.”

To celebrate the day we went to Mandarin restaurant.. their Ontario Headquarter location!!!

Mandarin Mandarin Mandarin

Mandarin Mandarin Mandarin

Mandarin Mandarin Mandarin

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5 Responses to Eid at Mandarin

  1. dooh says:

    Sikander bhai? Kuch Kuch hotta he. Salame ishk ishk ishk, salame ishk! Hehe. Don’t be jealous Lunato. Sikander hates when I put my arm around him! He made me cry one day in the park. Sniff. He’s a bad choota!

  2. sikander says:

    Dooh, you must give up trying to speak in Urdu. it is incredibly odd and quite frightening as well.

  3. Shahid says:

    Nice to see how you celebrate EID. Great event.

  4. Hadrian says:

    Happy new year wishes to everyone

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